My Mom is home and doing much better.

After getting back some test results yesterday afternoon, they found out that one part of her heart is beating so much faster than the other, that the blood is just sitting and becoming stagnant and clot-prone in another chamber. It was also causing fibrillation. This means it was a very good thing she went to the ER because #1, the fibrillation could have caused a heart attack and #2 the stagnant blood could’ve caused a clot, which if passed out of the heart, well….could turn into many other scary things, like a stroke.

She was VERY fortunate. And I am very grateful that she is ok. It was a really serious and scary experience. Maybe it will make her better adhere to her doctor’s recommendations. Fear has a way of knocking sense into you like that. I’d like for her to stick around A LOT longer.

4 thoughts on “Answers

  1. Glad your mom is okay.  I am sure it was scary for you.  I am close to my mom too and i dont know what i would do without her.  Hope you have a great weekend and Easter

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