Diva’s Birthday Weekend

My cousin and her daughter are on their way back to Virginia.

It was great to have them up to celebrate Diva’s birthday. They got here Thursday afternoon. It was great to see Ni with her pregnant belly again. I guess when you grow up with someone and share all your hopes and dreams with one another it’s nice to see them come to life down the line.

Anyways, Diva’s birthday was actually on Friday (4/7) so we took the little ones  out to Chuck E. Cheese. They had a blast. Actually so did me & Ni. We got into one of those pictures booths and had our photo sketched. Husband was nice enough to let us go out Friday night for a little shopping and a late night pregnant craving run. Waffle fries doused in cheese sauce and a sundae with peanut butter sauce at Friendly’s. That was somewhat nostalgic to us as we shared many meals at Friendly’s as kids with our Moms and then later in high school by ourselves. Diva’s Spongebob themed birthday party for the big 3 was Saturday. Had the family over. She got a TON! of presents. That’s the good thing about having a big family and her being the littlest girl, everyone wants to dote on her and she’s more than happy to humor them. Everyone “awwed” when she got excited over money in cards and said, “This is great birthday.” She’s so sweet.

My parents came over this morning with coffee and doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. It made for a good send off for Ni and her baby girl to make their journey back home.

It was hella good to have her here this weekend. I miss her already.

2 thoughts on “Diva’s Birthday Weekend

  1. always nice to see close friends who you’ve shared so much time with. I always cherish my time with high school buddies whom I get to hang out with once in a while..

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