This weekend was really nice.

We spent a lot of time together as a family, just being a family. We popped popcorn and watched kid movies, went on a couple excursions to favorites places for ice cream and such and we spent a good 45 minutes wrestling this afternoon. Pretty fun. We all ganged up on Daddy and tickled his feet. Made him laugh until he cried.

And a special treat for Mom and Dad … there was sex. Not that there isn’t always that, cause it’s pretty much a daily thing, but it was long, drawn out, lots of foreplay, multiple orgasmic sex. Looooove making ya’ll. And it was good. Very, VERY good.

On a very different note … Baby Girl is back to her bubbly cute self.

(content sigh)    smile.

8 thoughts on “(smile)

  1. Love days like those!  It seems like all is right with the world….. then its monday again!  have a great one!

  2. god I’m jealous. somehow over the course of just a year and a half, my once twice a day husband became a once a week kind of guy. It’s an issue with us cuz I’m STILL a twice a day kind of girl. I swear, I feel like I gotts jump at the opprutunity with him cuz he’s happy without it.
    Now I’m bummed. and very jealous. LOL. But I’m happy you guys had such a good weekend. It was well-deserved and long overdue.

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