Baby Girl’s “Surgery” – sorta

{9:34 am}

I just want this to be over … now. Yesterday would have been good too.

It was kind of my friends to call last night and let me know I could call them with questions or just silly talk to distract myself. They’ve been through this with their own kids. They tell me my anxiety is normal and I need not be apologetic for it. That came in handy at midnight when I just needed to talk as fast as possible about everything that was running through my mind. Sometimes someone lending an ear is all you need.

I would like to be that calm, reassuring mother mask that I’m putting on for my daughter right down to my core, but I’m not. Honestly … this freaks me out. I admit it. All kinds of things are running through my head. Worse case scenarios. Then telling myself I’m being hella STUPID for having those thoughts and that everything is going to be fine. It will be. I know this, but I worry. Guess that just makes me a Mom.

note: Husband and the bacon incident (insert eye roll) I really don’t  have the patience for this today.


Well, gotta go get ready to go. Must be at the hospital at 10:30. Surgery is at 12:30p.m.

Send love & prayers her way.


It’s over. Tubes are in her ears and hopefully no more ear infections. We’re home. She’s doing good, but is pretty uncomfortable and cranky. She was so awesome at the hospital. I was very proud of her. She was just as sweet as can be. All the nurses and doctors were impressed and said she was an exceptional little girl. But, of course I already knew that.

Let me just mention that the staff at Akron Childrens Hospital are awesome! Very patient, very kid friendly. They gave me and Daddy those surgeon caps and had us wear them so she could see what the doctors and nurses would look like in surgery. They had someone come out and show her what the oxygen mask she would wear to get the nitrous oxide would look like. Then they let her smell different lip glosses to pick what flavor gas she wanted. They put a balloon on the other end of the mask and tubing and had her blow up the balloon and inhale so she wouldn’t be scared, They gave her a teddy bear to bring home. They were great and seeing her comfortable made me feel a lot better.

11 thoughts on “Baby Girl’s “Surgery” – sorta

  1. Trinity is having surgery?? WHY?? What’s going on???  I am sure everything is going to be fine my dear.  Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.  She is going to be OKAY!!!  My thoughts and prayers are with you and Trinity today and everyday.  Lots of love, Tonya

  2. Isn’t it awesome when you find a great hospital for your kids? It makes it so much easier, huh? The staff sounds so great, it must have been comforting for you too.
    I’m happy everything went well.

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