Little ears, big problems.

I took Diva back to the ENT doctor today so that he could see her ears with an actual infection. I had taken her last week with clean ears and all her tests were perfect but here we are with her 6th ear infection in the past 3 months. She’s had one twice a month, so I knew I’d have to take her back soon enough. He took one look at her ears and said,

“Wow. That’s really awful and concerning. I’d like to redo her hearing and flow tests from last week and see where she’s at.”

They put her back in the little booth with the headphones and had her repeat words back to them as they decreased the tones. The results were bad this time, as expected, but so bad that he scheduled surgery to put tubes in her ears this Friday. He said that as many ear infections as she’s had and as much pressure as there is on her ear drum that if we didn’t do the surgery, she would have hearing loss. Weighing the options…I scheduled the surgery.

The actual surgery is only about 5-30 mins long. BUT, the whole ordeal is going to take all day. We have to be at Childrens Hospital at 10:30, surgery is at 12:30 and then she’ll be in recovery for 1-2 hours. Plus, they have to put her under and that freaks me out a little, but obviously not as much as her losing her hearing freaks me out. I’ll be thankful for her not to be in pain anymore.

I’m off to make arrangements for the boys and juggle D’s psych and urology appointments that were scheduled for Friday.

Again … Thank GAWD for medical insurance.

5 thoughts on “Little ears, big problems.

  1. Blah… poor baby.  I don’t envy her one bit.  Just remember, it’s a common procedure and she should be just fine.  Keep your sanity, though I know it’s going to be hard…
    And you’re right.  Thank God for medical insurance!!!!

  2. I had tubes in my ears twice… I too had the same ear infection problems… in fact I was pretty much deaf until they put them in me the first time.  Nobody knew why I didn’t talk, and it was because I couldn’t hear… 

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