The Pickle’s Birthday party + Drama – “friend” = ((sigh))

So we had the Pickle’s birthday party on Saturday. It was great to have friends and family around, for the most part. Everybody poked fun at everyone else and got to catch up. My father-in-law had us all cracking up, which is pretty rare form for him, which I guess made it even funnier. The kids had fun which is what’s most important and Pickle got to have his friends and family celebrate with him.

Then Matilda showed up (an hour and a half late) and cleared the house out … fast. She let everyone know what a drag it was (because we don’t all feel the need to party and be obnoxious in front of young children) by announcing that we needed “drugs”. Cursing in front of the kids and my parents, my in-laws. Boldly blaring (and actually pointing) out that a boy at the party had a “disorder”. (Yes, he does and it’s serious…but thankfully I’ve raised my son to accept people for them and not for what he wants them to be.) She flicked off my Dad, (thinking he was her ex-husband?). Telling everyone that all her real friends were in jail. And then after everyone left I ended up doubled her son had spilt on the kitchen floor and when I got up, I felt a tear in my side. (Endometriosis. This happens when you have scar tissue accumulating in your nether regions and everything is inflamed before your period.) Thankfully, husband and Matilda’s ex-husband, Butch,  heard me whelp and helped me to the couch, crying, while she sat out on the porch for 30mins talking on the phone about some guy in jail. She comes in, pretty much shows me no regard and then asks if we were gonna play cards. I told her I was sorry to be a bad hostess but that I was probably just gonna go to bed and that I was very uncomfortable. Obviously, there were a lot of things I wanted to say but didn’t, just figured I’d call her the next day. (Not because I’m not “grown-up” enough but because it was my son’s birthday and he’s really been through enough and I knew she’d just make a big scene.)  So, her and Butch left with their kids in separate cars. I took a pain pill and went and laid down for about an hour and when I came downstairs, Butch and the kids were here.

Now mind you, my husband and Butch have been friends since like elementary school, so I didn’t really think much about him coming back to hang out after Matilda had left. Husband asks me how I’m feeling and we start talking about getting something to eat. Pickle really wanted to go get a new game for his PSP with his birthday money so, they took the boys and me and the girls stayed here. I set one up on the computer and then I laid on the couch with Diva and watched Spongebob (and fielded about 10 phone calls from people asking about what else happened with Matilda after they left). When the guys got back we ate pizza and wings. I had to listen to husband talk about how inappropriate Matilda was all night and how disrespectful he thought it was for her to act that way in our house to our family. And the more I tried to brush it off, the more mad he got. I guess at some point, there is no defending certain things and as much as I didn’t want to admit it…. he was right. My sister called and asked what we were doing and asked if we wanted to play Trivial Pursuit. Her and the boyfriend, we played a round of Euchre and then we played Trivial Pursuit the rest of the night. Diva kept waking up crying the whole time and we had to keep stopping the game so I could settle her back down (and deal with a Pickle incident – whole other story).

I got up and made all the kids waffles Sunday morning. Husband got called into work. Me and the kids took a nap. When husband got back my Dad came over and watched the boys while me & husband took Diva to the emergency room. Of COURSE – she had another ear infection (and I just had her at an ENT doctor Tuesday to discuss putting tubes in her ears last Tuesday and her ears were fine, ERRRrrr, but that is also another story.) After 4 hours of being there, we came home and got the boys and went to dinner. When I got home from dinner, I grabbed my cell out of my purse to charge it and it says 2 missed calls, 1 voice mail. So I dial into voicemail and get this blaring voicemail from Matilda, word for wrod:

Matilda and I don’t know why all your phones are off and why your letting your fax machine answer cause you just don’t want to talk to me, I think it’s really fucked up that you told me that  you were kicking everyone out cause you’re tired and you hurt yourself and blah blah blah and then everyone came back and fuckin played cards and you’re hanging out with Butch and shit, which is totally fine, but not even to tell me or anything, that’s just fucked up. I don’t EVER wanna hear you EVER tell me about my friends are bad people and shit cause you’re hanging out with Butch and I think that speaks for itself. But you can have Butch, HAVE HIM !”

 Yeh, so she’s mad AT ME.

You know what?

I couldn’t even find words. I just sat there with my mouth open for about 10minutes. I let my husband listen to it. He thought it was hilarious and told me not to worry about it cause she wouldn’t. And he’s right. I thought about calling her, but knew she wouldn’t listen. I wouldn’t be able to get a word in edge wise. And aside from that… I shouldn’t have to explain anything to a “friend”. She should’ve known better. She automatically assumed the worst and jumped my shit and ya know what?I think that speaks for itself.


Hey, hint taken. It is what it is, ya know? I’ve got enough going on without having to worry about some added made-up drama.

I’ll spend my time where it’s needed and stay where I’m wanted.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.”

8 thoughts on “The Pickle’s Birthday party + Drama – “friend” = ((sigh))

  1. oh good Lord, some people! obviously you are WAY better off not talking to her. anyone who could be so rude at a CHILD’S birthday party obviously has issues.hope you are feeling better soon!!

  2. I’m sorry there was so much drama, but I just had to laugh at her arrogance and ignorance. I mean, how stupid was that message?
    You know, there are a ton of assholes in the world. A TON. And every single one of them knows it deep down. I’m sorry it interrupted your son’s party though, that sucks.
    Hope you feel better

  3. Eeeek… ever wonder why you put up with it for so long???  Seriously, Steph, I know how hard it is to let a friendship go, especially one that you’ve had for a long time, but I think you’re thinking right as of right now.  You’re an adult who needs to focus on adult problems.  For some reason, she’s still a high schooler worrying about having a good time and whatnot.  Stay with the friends and the family that are important to you, the ones that care about you and respect your home.  People like her are users.  She’ll use and use til there’s nothing left, then leave you.

  4. wow!  She is pretty dramatic.  She seems alittle self centered to me.  I hate when people act the way she did in mixed company.  Doesnt she realize that somethings offend some people.  Sorry you had to put up with so much drama.  I say cut her off and make her realize she is in the wrong.  have a great tuesday!

  5. whoa…
    well, I’m glad to hear that Devon had friends and family celebrating his birthday with him.
    how are you doing with that side-cramp? sounds like it hurt quite a lot if you needed help getting to the couch…

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