The doctor says… 3/23/06

Yes, there is a cyst in my ovary … again. I was OFFICIALLY given the endometriosis diagnosis … again.

Doctor decided to give me a very low dose of birth control pills to see if it will help tone things down. Let’s pray for them not to cause migraines like before. I go back to see him in 3 months and if I’m still havign problems, we schedule surgery.

The lump in my breast … not cancer. He took one feel of it and said “It’s scar tissue from your surgery” (I had a reduction about 18months back) He was pissed that the surgeon had even made worry about it. He assumes that he is just trying to protect his work. Isn’t that lovely? Here he got me all worried about nothing, and most likely just so he go have a reason to do more surgery. NICE! But, whatever. I’m just HELLA RELIEVED.

Things with me & husband are still weird. I called him right after my appointment and he didn’t even ask how it went. He said he’s been busy at work and all the appointments might run together?

7 thoughts on “The doctor says… 3/23/06

  1. Happy about the lump being benign…but how awful might endometriosis be>?  wanna know how awful it is to try and guess how it is spelled without spell check? (smile).
    call you on my way home.

  2. There are many things that can be tried for endometriosis.  They can also try a few low-dose birth control pills.  I have a friend who has a bad case of endometriosis and she has found a manageable solution to it through a combo of solutions.
    Is it possible Chris is afraid of you being sick, and doesn’t know how to handle it?  I have seen a lot of men shut down in that situation.

  3. Has Chris always been like this, or did it start when he quit smoking? I can’t believe he wouldn’t be there right by your side, holding your hand the whole way through. I mean, he’s your husband- what gives? He’s being a jerk
    woo-hoo about the benign prognosis, that must be a relief!

  4. I take a form of low dose birth control because of headaches from the regular dose ones.  They’re not so bad.  It still toys with me and my head a little, but not near as much as the other ones.  I hope they work for you. 
    I am asking the same question as above… Is Chris just scared, and this is the only way he deals with it?  Yeah, it sucks, but it’s more understandable than him just being a dick… He’s usually a pretty cool guy, or so it would seem from your opinion…

  5. i have the same cyst/endometrisos issue and the birth control worked pretty well for me…it takes a few months to really stop hurting…but after that i’ve noticed changes. good luck!!

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