And so it continues….

GRRrrrrrrr …. This is the face of the day.

My husband is not my favorite person today and he’s left me quite irritable.

We had a fight last night. We both went to bed mad and in separate rooms. Well, actually that was my choice, cause I just didn’t want to hear anymore complaining and I had to get some sleep. And of course, without him next to me, I didn’t sleep worth shit.

And what’s worse it that usually I have some assurance that everything will be fine later, he’ll get over it, we’ll move on, there will be cuddling and laughing and bygones will be bygones. But I greeeted him this morning with a smile and I got ^the face ^. I also have this feeling that Mr. GrumpyASS will be returning around 5:30pm.

God, give me strength.

Friends, give me support.

7 thoughts on “And so it continues….

  1. ooh. sorry about your current predicament. just hold down the fort!
    oh and yes, I did hear the black eyed peas cover. It definitely did the song justice 🙂

  2. I think it makes you really human and I am endeared that you have fights. So…this too will pass…and blah blah blah…you guys really are cute together…and I know you will be fine…and chuckle about it later.good luck with that. call later if you so desire.

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