Last week’s business dinner went very well. The husband and I schmoozed and rubbed elbows with the higher ups. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as I was worried about it being. That seems to be a pattern I should pay more attention to. Anyways, the little dinner at his office was followed by a trip over to a fancy smancy restaurant. We ran into into another couple who joined us for dinner and then they picked up the check. A BIG check. By far, the best dinner I’ve had in a long time and not just because it was free. Lobster Linguine with a glass of Cabernet…..Mmmmm.

Then we got our income tax refund and husband decided he really deserved a 42″ Flat Panel HDTV plasma. It still boggles the mind that one would willingly pay so much for a television BUT he is a boy and he likes toys, he works hard, he’s aiiiight so I guess he deserves a little spoiling and so I regress.It is nice, just not as nice as saying paying off already existing debt. I thought women were the irrational sex? Whatever.

Saturday, we went to see his Dad’s band play at the little dive bar again. We celebrated his brothers and mom’s birthdays with cake. Cake and bars could only be something that his family could come up with. His brothers were pretty wasted and obnoxious so we bolted and went to Akron. I was finally able to find the tattoo/piercing studio of this guy I met a few weeks back. Such a sweetie. He did my eyebrow piercing which is something I’ve wanted to have done for a few years but never found the right person. I wasn’t comfortable with the guy who did my tattoo a few years back, so I swore that while I wanted to have more ink done, I wouldn’t let anybody poke me that I didn’t fully LIKE. (Get your mind out of the gutter). Husband was there holding my hand the whole time. Can you believe that he talked me out of  my orginal idea of nipple piercing? Only because we found out your not supposed to have contact with the nipples after you get them done for 4-6 weeks though. I guess that was the deal breaker. After that we went to Crazie’s friend’s club and heard a metal band. Wasn’t really my cup of tea, so we tried another place, but there was a $12 cover. We laughed and left. We hit Luigi’s, a University of Akron late night staple. Hadn’t been there in like 7 years. It was better than I remembered or I was drunk. Whatever.

Sunday, I went to a baby shower. The shower was for my my best friend’s son’s baby momma. Did you catch that? The girlfriend is only 17 and her and bestie’s son have already broken up. I can’t even imagine how scary that would be. Becoming a new mother at any age is a big transition. But she genuinely seems to want the baby. I applaud Bestie for handling things so gracefully. As if her son making her a “grandma” at such a young age wasn’t enough, she’s pretty much taken baby momma in as her own without hesitation. It was a fun party. Especially when we played the “Guess the Mess” game. It was sick. If you’ve never played, it basically is a game in which candy bars are melted into diapers and you have to guess what kind of candy it is by smelling it, touching it or tasting it. I’ll give you a minute to appreciate the full affect……….ok. Got a great picture of Matilda with her nose buried in something very nasty looking. Oh, and MAtilda was still obviously drunk from the night before. I hated that I had to leave early. BUT I had to leave early and watch 6 kiddos while my husband and his friends moved my old living room furniture out and moved the “new to me” set that my parents gave me in. Then I spent hours trying to put my house back together, while he wired up his new TV to all the components and speakers. Around 11pm I felt like I was hit by a ton of bricks. My throat had been kids of scratchy all day, but I just started feeling achy all over and totally drained.

Now, I’m sick and feel like I’m going to die, although I am very confident in the fact that I won’t. Still sucks to feel so shitty though. Plus, I had to tell my friend Crazie that I couldn’t watch the kids today. Throwing up, fevers, & body weakness is things I just don’t want to mix with kiddies. She was cool about it, but this is one of the things I worry about in mixing relationships with business. (sigh) But, what can I do?

5 thoughts on “Busy

  1. damn you did have a busy weekend! how did the piercing feel? my husband sells piercing jewlrey and has even pierced my belly. i will send you an email about some other piercings that are quite fun.
    i hope your dh enjoys the tv and that is sweet you aren’t like most women who would have pitched a fit about it.
    have a great day!

  2. I’ve had my nipples pierced. It doesn’t hurt actually, but I had just broken up with my boyfriend at the time, so month without contact didn’t bother me…LOL. It’s funny because at a time, I had 23 piercings…9 in each ear, my nose, my tongue, both nipples and my belly. I don’t wear any of them anymore, but only because I didn’t want to have to deal with my daughter pulling on em. Maybe I’ll put them back in now that she’s a bit older….
    yeah, boys wuill be boys. Tom just bought an Xbox 360, complete ‘premium’ bundle, 2 extra games and an extra controller. We really shouldn’t have spent the $$, but like you, I realized he works hard and deserves it. We got out refund last week and paid off an entire credit card, which is nice. We still have a whole lot more to pay off. I guess when it came to buying tom the 360, i figured shit- we already owe $12,000 in credit card debt, another $500 isn’t gonna kill us. But since you paid for it in cash from the refund, imagine how much you saved in credit card interest!
    I’m happy your dinner went well. it sounds like u had alot of fun!

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