New Endeavors

I’ve been really busy lately, prepping for my latest endeavor….BABYSITTING.

Yep, I decided to take on watching my friend Crazie’s two kids,while she does the 9-5 thing. She’s been having a helluva time finding child care she feels comfortable with. Today is my actual FIRST day being EMPLOYED for like 6 years. Weird. But so far so good. Her son is in Kindergarten so, he does 1/2 days right now. Got him off on the bus and all. Then I got my two little ones and her little girl down for a nap. Not bad. Extra income for me, peace of mind for my friend. My kids have kids to play with and it’s working out nicely. I’m not nearly as stressed as I was worried I might be.  AND I as much as I was running around this morning….I have a sneaking suspicion that this might help me with my weight loss resolution as well.

Everything else is good. Got some time away this weekend. Steelers won the Super Bowl. Husband and I seem very connected. Pickle has been well. Jedi has been well. Diva is doing the terrible two thing, but I guess you can’t have it all, right? I’ve survived the prior two going through it so I have a pretty high tolerance.

Back to getting things done, before nap time comes to an end.

15 thoughts on “New Endeavors

  1. oh shit! I’m sorry! lol 🙂
    ok ok, just to be fair – I really truly did know they were going to win, I wasn’t going to watch but felt like it would be straying from tradition. they really were the better team.

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