Dancin with Myself…. oh oh ohoh

I had some wicked fun last night.

My friend Crazie has been trying to get me out to her friend’s nightclub downtown for awhile. Turns out this “nightclub” just happens to be rock/punk/metal venue for live bands. That’s all they have. When they are open, there is band. LOVE THAT! So, last night was a punk show, which isn’t really my favorite cup of tea but I dug 3 of the 4 bands that did a set. But knowing the club owner meant free drinks/shots. My belly did a flop just writing/remembering all of them.

Her friend is a very cool chick who likes to close down her club and turn on techno or 80s hits and dance on the big open dance floor with all the lights and lasers still going. I joined right in with her. I danced for almost an hour. I even did my best “Love is a Battlefield” dance. You know, the one from the video??? And I got to be “Dancin’ with Myself” (oh oh ohoh). Anyways, I broke a good sweat and got my hair all tangled up from swinging it around everywhere. Very good times and I needed that.

Back to Mom stuff today. Grocery shopping, here I come….

7 thoughts on “Dancin with Myself…. oh oh ohoh

  1. Man, I haven’t been to a concert/club  in a LONG LONG time. Tom’s a real stay at home/ eat pizza/ play video games/ watch movies kind of guy. The closest I can get him to going out is going to comedy clubs to go see stand up, which is really fun, but still not the same. Sounds like you had alot of fun. 🙂

  2. RYC: Slam Dancing is also good for the soul…(haven’t done it in over 20 years, but…)
    Next time, scream for them to play “Blitzkrieg Bop”, and count it off for them…1-2-3-4-!!!!!

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