Sexual offenders

If you go to the website I’ve listed below and enter in an address, it will show you a map of sexually based offenders home/work locations in your area, right down to the street address and if you click on the blocks where those offenders are marked on the map, they will show what they were charged with and a picture of the offender.

I am a firm believer that sexual abuse and incest is a silent epidemic in our country. The only way to stop the cycle is to open up dialogue about it and educate ourselves. Even if you don’t have children, I am willing to bet someone in your neighborhood/apartment building does.

Most children who are kidnapped by sexual offenders, had parents and neighbors who never knew the offender was on their street or block.

It is best to be informed.

Take a minute and visit the site.


14 thoughts on “Sexual offenders

  1. i will. my stepfather is on that site. he lives in hollywood, Fl. i think that is the one thing that has helped me heal is knowing that whoever lives in his neighborhood knows he is a convicted felon. thanks for posting that site.

  2. I am glad they have this site.  We all need to be informed of what kind of people are living near us.  I don’t think sexual offenders can be rehabilitated.  That’s why they are REPEAT offenders.  I say castrate them on the first offense and that would cut out a whole lot of this nasty mess!

  3. I have seen the site you’re talking about, but the one you put up doesn’t seem to work, at least right now.  It is very interesting and even though I don’t have kids I think it’s good information.

  4. I completely agree that most sexual offenders should wear a sign on their shirts stating their offenses.  There are some cases that sexual offender is the wrong title, but any crimes committed against children are henious crimes, crimes that those committing them should be hanged for…
    (I’ll get into the differences some other time).  Thanks for the site, though.  I’m gonna check it out, just cuz I’m curious. 

  5. I could never work in law enforcement, mainly because I’d beat the shit out of the first of these guys I caught too badly for the “he fell” explanation to work…

  6. I heard about that website on oprah a few months ago, and I was disgusted to see that 600 offenders leave within 5 miles of my home! (There’s a mental hospital and a juvenile hall nearby…maybe that’s why). it’s so disgusting. I think as a society, we’re too lenient- sometimes sexual predators get only probation for these horrifying acts they commit. Maybe if we had stricter punishments, people would STOP. But thanks for posting that linkj- the more people are aware, the better.

  7. thanks for the website.  I dont think you can be too careful when it comes to protecting your kids.  I have 20 registered offenders that live within 3 miles of me.  Thats just the ones who have registered. kinda scary

  8. i can’t get the site to work for me, but i’m gonna google it. in our new move i really want to know. although, you just never can be to careful. i was molested when i was a kid by a guy at our church. the world is a scary place.

  9. Stephie:
    First of please accept heartfelt congratulation for wonderful post, yes, you are absolutely right, this is the unforgettable crime happening in our society; and for that matter, we must create as much awareness as much possible through our all mode of communication.
    Wishing you all the best……………..

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