Why or why or why do people expect of you what they never ever provide? This is where going to church your whole childhood can really screw you up. That whole….

Do unto others as you would have done unto you” thing…….CRAP! I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s great in theory but it usually doesn’t pan out. Or maybe that’s all the other stuff they fill your head with like if your a good person people will be good to you. That’s not really the same thing is it. Practicing doing unto others as you would have done unto you, doesn’t mean people WILL do unto you. That must’ve been organized religion’s take on it though. Gotta love that whole pesky sense of entitlement. What’s that about?

I guess other than just being aggravated in a general sense…..I don’t have much to complain about. I mean Jesus, was a pretty rockin dude himself and they nailed him to a cross.

Did I mention I’m getting ready to start my period and that I’m pretty sure I have another cyst in my ovary? Physicla pain in not helping my mental state.

I’m crabby people. Allow me my day without making too much of it. I guess maybe it wouldn’t be so shocking if I was always such a bitch.

This to shall pass. It always does.

Can’t wait to get back to all the fluffy stuff.

11 thoughts on “Aggravation

  1. Random Props– we are all entitled to a bad day. Life is aggravating and I don’t think that there is anyone out there who practices evrything that they preach. LOL They just think that they do.

  2. Everyone gets one crabby day a week.  If you have kids you’re given another, and if you have a husband you get another.  They may be the greatest blessings ever, but they can also be the biggest pains in the ass!  So as far as I can tell you’re doing just fine.  I hope you get out of your rut!

  3. I spend my life in a constant state of crabbishness, so you are more than welcome to one day.  😉  Feel better, Steph.  And I like the variation of the golden rule, courtesy of Tool :::  Do unto others what has been done to you… Much, much more entertaining. 

  4. Gotta turn the other cheek…you do the  right thing, it’s the right thing for yourself, not the other person. If they wanna be a jerk, know what? When they walk away, you can be nice to someone else, and that person is still a jerk…
    But, as stated above me, get a little freaky-deek on…

  5. Hi, I was just checking in to see how you were doing I hope you have a great week and a good night!!
    Amber and the baby

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