Welcome Home

My friend Crazie has moved home to Ohio. She actually is gonna live about a mile down the road from me. I’m kinda excited to have a friend’s house that I can walk to. That’s an amazing feat. She came over tonight to hang out and we had a glass of wine to help her chill out after nearly a week of packing and driving from Florida and unpacking and moving stress. It was just fun to have her here. We have always had good conversations over the phone, but they are 10x better in person. She hugged when she left and told me she was hella happy to be home. That this was the first time she felt “home” in a long time and that she said Thank-you for your company and for being a true friend. That meant a lot to me.

Jedi’s 5th birthday party will be tomorrow at my MIL’s house. His birthday isn’t actually until Wednesday, Feb 1st, but still, WOW! I can’t believe he’s gonna be 5! It really blows my mind. Although I am wicked excited to have friends and family together. I enjoy time like that with the people that matter most. Wow! My little peanut isn’t a baby anymore. WOW! That’s pretty much all I can come up with after 2 glasses of wine.

My husband is out with his buddy tonight. Guys night out I suppose. I did have my girl’s night out a few weeks back so I guess were even or something like that. Is this jealousy I sense? I’m not sure. It’s more like some feeling of unsettleness, perhaps vulnerability???

Too tired to ponder. Off to bed. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

5 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. Aww your kids are cute! Friends are always nice to have around. I live in WV(state next to you). And one of my friends live in Cali and I miss her terribly! Nice site!

  2. Yay for your friend moving near you! Thats great, nothing like having a gal pal within walking distance (or a short drive). Hope the birthday party is a success and that Jarrod has a great time gettin loved on by all his family and friends!Hope you are well,ALICE

  3. that’s cool. my best friend just recently came home from texas. we haven’t hung out in almost a year so it was really nice to see a familiar face so close by. hope you enjoyed your weekend 🙂

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