Strange dreams

I had a dream last night that my cousin had a little boy and named him Peter. Then I check her Xanga and she’s talking about whether if she has a boy if she should name him Peter, after her husband’s father. I don’t know if I knew his Dad’s name was Peter or not, but it’s still a little eerie

And it reminded me of another dream I had about a baby that ended up being somewhat prophetic. I don’t know if I’ve ever told this story before, but I thought I would now.

When I was pregnant with my daughter my due date was Easter….April, 20, 2003. And since this was my third child and she was due on Easter, I picked her name which means “blessed three” I ended up going into preterm labor at six and a half months. I had to be admitted to the hospital to stop labor, got all pumped up with magnesium – which makes you feel like your entire body has sunburn on the inside of your skin, and basically….they got me to stop dilating but not contracting. So I contracted for next three months. Having to go to the hospital several more times. And it was pretty much known that I was never going to make it to my due date….but the question was when would I have this baby?

Anyways, the whole time I was pregnant I kept having dreams about giving birth, but I was always a teenager in my dreams, my dear friend Darryl was always the father, although I referred to him by my husband‘s name and I was always going into labor in the house I grew up in Northern Virginia. In my dreams we always had to call for an ambulance and Darryl/husband  would always ask what the address was and I would scream, “4 – 7 – 0 – 3 Kenny Court!!!” They were pretty funny habitual dreams that I shared with my Mom and husband.

One of the times I had to go back to the hospital…was March 3, 2003. My Mom kept saying while I was there that it would be most appropriate if I had her on 3-03-03 and then oddly enough I started dilating again on 03-30-03, but they stopped labor again. It ended up that I had an ultrasound done that showed my daughter had pretty wide shoulders and so after all my dilating and contracting, I was scheduled for a C-section on Monday, April 7, 2003.

When they brought me back from surgery and I got to hold my her for the first time, my Mom was filling out my daughters, Social Security form and she gasped and says…..

“Stephanie, Remember how  you kept having those dreams about Kenny Court. The birthdate is 4-7-03.”

12 thoughts on “Strange dreams

  1. Oh, that’s wild!  I love hearing stories like that.  I think you’re in touch with your pychic abilities.  I’ve heard everyone has them but we’re not all able to connect to them. 

  2. Wow kind of errie.  But very interesting at the same time.  I never have dreams that come true.  One of my friends who had twins always dreamed about 2 carseats before she found out she was having twins. Thats pretty wild

  3. imagine me running up and hugging the hell outta you!!!!!!!!!!!
    🙂  Hi.  I’m back.
    I like your prophetic dream.  It’s kinda creepy, but in a good way, you know??

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