The sweet and the sour

This weekend was both very bad and very good.

I got a call first thing in the morning Saturday from my cousin, SHE’S PREGNANT!!!! I’m soooooo happy for her and her Hubby. They’ve been trying for a couple months and got the much waited for results.

Then there was the sour. My husband was a complete prick all day long. Picking fights with me and my character. My guess was that it had something with everything that has been going on here and that the world had ceased to revolve around him. To say the very least, I was not amused with his tactics. He was not nice and it left me quite flabergasted. I mean, I just spent nearly a week up in the hospital with Pickle, away from everything, worrying, not sleeping. ERrrrrRR!! Is he serious? I swear sometimes the male in him just bleeds me dry.

But I still kept my plans to go out with my girlfriends, Matilda, my best friend and her sister. We had a blast. There was talking and drinking and dancing and lots of laughing. So much that my cheeks hurt, but it hurt so good. I really needed that time out. Could’ve done without creepy Cosby sweater guy becoming a clingon at the bar, but watching Matilda tell him off made me feel loved all over again. And dancing with Matilda’s cute pin stripped shirt friend made up for that. He offered to save me, which was much appreciated and kind of flattering. Very strange how keenly aware I was that his hand touched my hip though. Before I got married that wouldn’t have made me think anything. Not that it was dirty or sexual in anyway, but I just knew it wasn’t my husband‘s hand and so it made me feel a little awkward, which the bestie picked up on and cut in. Gotta love a protective girlfriend.

And then there was Sunday. My Dad came over and watched the kids so we could go watch the gut-wrenching Steelers v. Colts playoff game. On our way over to BIL’s house to watch the game, we found a secluded area and checked out the fold-down seats in the VUE. Those things come in handy by the way.
Then there was the game. Geesh. Did I happen to mention that my in-laws are Steelers fanatic. There was definitely a moment watching that game Sunday when I thought, ‘I don’t want to be here if they lose’ because it would’ve been because of a bad call and that’s the WORSE way to lose a game. If you watched the game, you can imagine the tension. If you didn’t, you probably missed the best NFL playoff game of all time.

Today is Pickles’s first day back at school. He’s doing so well. Leaps and bounds over where he was last week. That does my heart well. Nothing else matters as much as knowing my kids are going to be ok.

11 thoughts on “The sweet and the sour

  1. Glad things are getting better.  Make sure you clean the inside of the Vue’s windows πŸ™‚
    I have been thinking about you guys and worrying.  I’m glad they have a bit of a clue with Devon.

  2. I swear you always find a secluded place to “break in the seats”.  It is so much fun to do stuff like that but i havent done it since I was a teenager.  maybe we will try when he gets home.  God knows in the Suburban we can work something out!  LOL  glad to hear Devon is doing better.  I so  need a girls night out but first i gotta find some girls to go with.  Thats one big down fall of the military; not being able to stay close to friends.  Well i hope you have a great day!

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