It’s gonna be alright

Crazie’s Dad is dong much better. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers. Crazie is also better. We did dinner last night. It was good. Actually it was great. It’s not to often I get out with anybody for girl time. We got to talk about men and sex. Great distraction for her, great down time for me. Keeping my fingers crossed that her Dad will get her to move back home from Florida. Then there can be more girls nights out. OH, and the best part…I didn’t even cheat on my diet. I had a wonderful salad (her treat, which makes everything taste better) and diet pop. That’s right I call it “pop”.

Today, I did grocery shopping. I really feel content after filling my kitchen with food.

Lil sis is over. She’s having a bad day. We had a girl talk and now she’s chillin on the couch with some blankies, feeling cozy and at home. That also makes me content.

Off to finish chores. I’ve become a real busy body lately. I just keep going, and going, and going and going…..

8 thoughts on “It’s gonna be alright

  1. You can come and do my chores too if you still want to be busy. 
    Girl time is always good to have.  Let’s us be us without fear of feeling stupid or ?????

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