New Year

Today has been a day of taking down decor and finding room for storage that I don’t have. It seems every year when we do this, we have to find someplace new to store these things away, cause the place where they were is filled. Plus, my kids destroyed the box the Christmas tree came in, so finding a place for that will be even more fun.

Yesterday we worked on getting our house back in order. The kids had to take all their new Christmas gifts and put them away…properly. Which meant I had to help them organize their playroom. The sheer amount of things they have is distracting. I don’t know how they can focus on just one toy at a time.

I really wish I had the time and money to go buy storage containers and have a place for everything. But time and money are always the two things I am short on. Seems like if I have one, I don’t have the other.


Please keep my friend Crazie and her father in your thoughts. Her Dad had a massive heart attack last night and has yet to recover. He’s in his second surgery now and she is flying home from Florida. Send good thoughts her way.

10 thoughts on “New Year

  1. wal-mart has big plastic tupperware type storage containers for only 4.99 each! i bought 4 of them and stored a TON of stuff. it was money well spent, you might wanna check them out. plus they are clear so you can take a peek and see what’s in them without having to dig it all the way outta storage.
    your friend and father will be in my thoughts. i’m so sorry to hear about that.

  2. I’ll pray for your friend and her father.
    i don’t know about you..but I hate the “holidays hangover” that sets in after january 1st. and no, i didn’t get to kiss anyone at midnight. come to think of it, it would have been nice though. lol. maybe next year 🙂

  3. Your friend is in my thoughts…
    You can go to Target, Wal-Mart (even though they’re EVIL) or Home Depot and get some plastic storage bins pretty cheap.
    We’ve got to take all our stuff down & I have to get the tree out to the curb before our trip this weekend…

  4. I cant wait to see 4 brothers.. I have it I just dont have the time… sigh….. well I hope you had a nice new year… Cant wait to hear from you..

  5. I still have my Christmas tree sitting in the living room.  I did take the ornaments and lights off of it though.  Hubby just hasn’t thrown the tree away yet.  I am going to have to get on him about that tonight. 
    I know what you mean about trying to find a place to put everything, too.  I am running out of room for things and I desperately need some storage containers!!
    I will keep Christie and her father in my thoughts and prayers today. 
    RYC:  The nutrigrain waffles are so good!!  I got the Eggo’s  (leggo of my eggo)….hee hee.  I also use the sugar-free syrup that is only 30 cals. for 1/4 cup.  You can’t beat it!!!

  6. dont you wish you could afford to just junk everything and start over new every year? I do. I hate finding space for everything.. it sucks.Im praying for your friend and her dad..

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