The Exchange

In conclusion, we ended up taking back the Relay and exchanging it for a VUE. 

We should’ve test drove one before we made a decision. I thought it would be too small, but it turns out it was PERFECT. Exactly what I wanted/needed. I didn’t get all the model year end rebates because this was a 2006 and not an 05, but I still got my GM employee discount through my grandfather, and the payment will still be about $100 cheaper per month. The only thing that I really wanted in the VUE that the Relay had was the DVD player, but since they gave me a $500 Target gift card….I can buy one there I guess.

Anybody who is the market for a new car, hell even a used one, go to a Saturn dealership. I have never been treated so kindly.

Off to run errands in the new ride.

I’ll be so glad when this year is over.

8 thoughts on “The Exchange

  1. That 100 a month will help you not feel so cramped.  Yay for you that you found something you like and with a lower payment.  Have a good day.

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