Being a grown up sucks sometimes

I’m having a lot of second thoughts about this new vehicle. I just really don’t want to make 2 car payments every month. I know we can afford it,  but I think writing the check every month will be depressing. I’m thinking I might rather have that money on hand for other stuff….like taking the kids to Six Flags without having to bat an eye at the outrageous admission prices. That would be nice.

But, I figure we REALLY need the room, having three kids and all.

It sucks, because I really like it. The kids love it.

I just don’t know…..


10 thoughts on “Being a grown up sucks sometimes

  1. Buyers remorse can really suck.  I really don’t know what to tell you.  When we bought my car back in May it was to downsize, so for us it was a good thing.  Can anyone go to Six Flags, or Disney or any of those without batting an eye?  The only way we can do it is because Hubby is in the media and so they discount them for us.  Otherwise, we would have to take out a 2nd mortgage.  Good luck.

  2. what to do, what to do??  I like Nikki’s idea.  I dunno.  It seems like a good idea to have two reliable vehicles on hand, both with warranties that you don’t have to worry about.  But, I get the whole not wanting two car payments.  I’m super happy that I don’t have to make those kinds of decisions yet.  The biggest concern that I have at the moment is deciding whether or not to buy a larger book shelf over the weekend or waiting for another two weeks…  🙂

  3. i gave up my big car payment and got my life back! here’s to having the extra 400.00 a month to blow on traveling and shopping when i want and not having to pay a car payment! i bought a used car for 4000.00 and its paid for… and think the big payment you will be paying for alot of years! i’d rather walk !lol. i’m sooo over having a new car and i will NEVER buy new again… good luck

  4. dang, two car payments? i would never do that. that’s just me though. i try to cut back everywhere i can, for the same reason you stated. it’s just nice to have that extra cash to do fun family stuff. coming from a family with three kids, we totally survived not having our own row in a car. car trips are actually fun when we were all together and playing games and such. plus…..dang, doesn’t that thing drain gas???

  5. Sometimes you have to postpone what you want for what you need…the new ride is nice, but it also fits a need. Doesn’t Six Flags put coupons on Coke cans or something? I’m not even sure…but when there’s a will there’s a way…

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