It’s ok now…I’m here.

We had a wonderful Christmas for the most part. Minus one weird incident with BIL’s fiance’ and a rather quick trip to the ER with Diva.

She has and ear infection. Oddest thing with her. It’s like it hits her all of a sudden. She was fine. Then she’s not her happy self. Lots of whining. Then crying. Then ear pulling. Then wailing non-stop. Other strange thing about my daughter: she won’t take medicine. Listen, I have two older kids, so I know how to pin them down and force feed it. Seriously, if the girl puts anything in her mouth that isn’t appealing, she gags. This means anytime she needs an antibiotic, I have to request a shot and pain medication (i.e. Tylenol) has to be given in suppository form. Nice, huh?

The sour makes the sweet so much sweeter though. And the rest was good. Good food, wonderful presents. My husband got me a new digital camera, the kids got me one of those wool pea coats and its very warm and lovely. There has been lots of company too. My sister, her boy/friend, relatives, my best friend. Beavis, with two of her sons, Matilda and her kids. It’s been busy here. I thought about installing a revolving door for quicker access.

Matilda and I even managed to sit down and “TALK” today about past b.s. between us. That was a good thing. The glass of wine helped. We also are working on some plans for the upcoming year and becoming more fabulous. Strip clubs are out, but I still think we’re on to something.

And then today….we bought a mini van. (cool Stephanie is mortified) It’s FANCY SMANCY! I really, really, really, really, really, really like it a lot. I mean I guess you can assume that much since I bought it, but did I meantion I REALLY like it. Got the room of a mini-van, but the look of an SUV. The best of both worlds. Let’s just hope I still feel the same way after writing a few checks for that monthly payment and also that Matilda will still be my friend after THIS vehicle purchase. (teehee)

10 thoughts on “It’s ok now…I’m here.

  1. So, do you like the car?  HEE HEE.  Yay for you and the new car and the great visit with everyone and the digital camera.  Quite a few people on this here Xanga got digitals for christmas.  Must have been the gift of choice this year.  Glad you had a great Holiday

  2. I dig it!  New cars rock. I want one just for the smell inside!!!
    Glad Christmas was cool, sorry that Trin got an ear infection.  That sucks.  Oh well.  At least she’s on the road to recovery…
    RYC: yeah, the gift that keeps on giving… and taking from my checking account.  Oh well.  Can’t take it with you, right?

  3. hey, we got a new car for christmas too. great gifts ’till you realize your paying on that gift for 5 years! haha. nice car. glad you had a good christmas

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