SAHM babble

Feeling quite accomplished today. I FINALLY put family pictures in frames and got them up in the dining room. AND (I’m sure the mind whirls that there could be more) I cut up my Coca-Cola calendar and put some of the pics in frames and hung those in the kitchen. I know, when you’re a SAHM it really doesn’t take much to get excited. Everything else I do, like cleaning, washing, etc, the kids usually go right behind me and tear it all to hell so at the end of the day I feel useless, but HA! I did do something. Although I shouldn’t get too sassy cause I’m certain they could find a way to undo this. This would be like me feeling all smart for buying a new prelit Christmas tree this year and ornaments that the kids couldn’t break. So what did they do? Just knocked the whole damn thing over… OH! and I also had help with my project. Matilda stopped by because she had an interview nearby, so I got to have another dose of adult company. I should watch myself. I could get used to that idea.  

Made a bit more money on EBay today.

In other news, my husband has taught himself how to draw Spongebob Squarepants and I am most impressed.

9 days, 10 hours and 32 mins til Christmas!

6 thoughts on “SAHM babble

  1. Just wanted to give a warm shout out to another 79er:) I love your festive page and pictures of your little ones! I was laughing at your expertise in,”wiping butts.”-lol Take care, Jamie

  2. Spongebob, sounds interesting.  Sounds like you got quite a bit done.  I hear you on the SAHM not much to excite us.  It doesn’t take much around here, that’s for sure. 

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