As well that ends well ?

He figured out what was going on and that there was a party planned and called me on it when he got home from work Friday night, so I confessed……a little.  I told him it was Saturday night. He still thought we were  just going to dinner and a movie, so I told him that his brother had called and wanted to know if we could come by for a bit before we went out to dinner. But my husband being who he is decides when we’re half way there that he HAD to eat first, he was starving. If you know my husband, this is very much a “husband thing”. Now remember, at this point it’s 6:45 and everybody is arriving at my brother in law’s house to surprise him who they are expecting around 7:15. So I agree to stop and grab a very quick bite to eat. I’m trying to be as nonchalant as possible through this but inside I’m freakin out. Thankfully, we got a table as soon as we walked in, and were able to order and get served pretty quick, I was thinking we still might make it. Then he decides he wants another beer. I tell him his brother was gonna take him for a drink, but still he insists on another. So I excuse myself to the bathroom and call my BIL on the cell. When i get back to the table he’s just about done with his beer. I tell him “Last Call” to which he rolls his eyes at me and reaches for his coat when some lady slides in the booth next to him and kisses him on the cheek. Some lady named Anna who worked with him at his last job. We must be introduced to her husband and son, blah, blah, blah, shut-up already. So after this, I offer to race him to the truck, which gets a weird look and then I drive like a mad person over to his brothers. When we pull up and he sees everyone cars he looks at me with his jaw hanging and says, “You DICK!” It was pretty funny.

After that we all had a lot of fun. Everyone ate all the yummy food I got and shockingly we didn’t polish off the beer. We played cards and some really funny group games. I think the last guest left at 3am.

I was cleaning up and JBOB asks us to play some euchre with him and his fiance’ and to crash there overnight. About two deals later, BIL and fiance are bickering back and forth about all kinds of shit. Their both drunk and ragging on each other. I’m just shaking my head and waiting for a truce. They start talking about how his fiance “hit” his “baby”…his Harley. She explains it’s just a scratch. He’s going on and on. Then it starts getting kind of heated between the two of them and I’m giving a look across the table like, “I’m gonna smack you’re brother if he keeps talking to her this way.” Husband trying to deflate some steam tells him to let it go and that it was just an accident.

This is where everything got really strange and went down the shitter. My brother in law turns to him and says,

Ok, well let’s look at it this way, You have 2 accidents over at Mom’s house (this is where the boys were spending the night) and 1 accident with Papa & Gigi (our daughter is with my Mom & Dad) and…..

Before he could even finish my husband gets up from the table all puffed up, ready to knock him out and I get up from the table and look at him as if he’s lost his damn mind and announce that I am leaving, like NOW! I pretty much storm upstairs and start packing up presents and crap while yelling and cursing about how arrogant, materialistic and ignorant he is. His fiance comes upstairs and starts talking about what an asshole he is and how what he said didn’t even make sense. I can hear the guys yelling back and forth downstairs. Then JBOB runs upstairs and has this shocked look on his face and he’s saying….”I’m sorry, Steph, I don’t even know what I said, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it like that…I meant….” to which I interrupted, “There isn’t any other way to take that! NONE!” He kept explaining and well basically I just gave him a big “FuuuUUCK YOuuuuU!” with double #1s. After about 20 mins of his fiance trying to convince me not to leave and begging me to confront him(?) because she’s sick of his shit and him being really freaked out about how upset we were, I lost it and told her a bunch of shit that went down while she was deployed to New Orleans after Katrina and how I’m tired of him getting drunk and being stupid.  Then she went and told JBob what I said and he got more focused on that and everything became my fault so we left. Thankfully I had only had 3 drinks over the course of 6 hours so, I didn’t go crazy and claaw his eyes out like I might have and I was ok to drive…mentally. Emotionally was a different story. I cried the whole way home. My husband yelled most of the way home. Then we fell asleep about 6am Saturday morning.

JBob called around noon. We didn’t answer. We went to breakfast, picked up the kids, went to the Christmas musical thingy at church and then we went out to dinner with my folks, the kids, my sister and her boy-friend and my grandmother. We went to this western steak house where they ring a big dinner bell and put a cowboy hat on your head when it’s your birthday while all the waiters sing and clap to make sure you have EVERYONE’s attention. He was sooooo embarrassed, but it was funny. Sis and her boyfriend came back to our place afterwards and we played a really funny game called MAD GAB. We hung out til about 1am and then I crashed….HARD! I didn’t wake up til’ 1:30 in the afternoon on Sunday. I haven’t slept that late since I was in high school.

All in all I guess it worked out. Everybody had fun at his party, for the most part, and the bad stuff , which I will have to address with sooner or later, seemed to be made up for with good times with my sis. My husband laughed more than he has in a long time while we played MAD GAB and that was all I really wanted anyways.

JBob called last night after we put the kids to bed and asked for both of us to be on the line and he apologized again. He tried to explain, but I honestly didn’t listen. I just sat with the phone to my ear. Maybe that wasn’t the  most mature thing to do but, it’s what I did. My husband said I needed to talk to him and I just said I didn’t really have much to say. I wouldn’t hold a grudge and I would get over it but I felt like he had put a knife through my heart. And that’s the truth. Thats’s all I could say. Then he started talking about what I had said to his fiance and I started to explain that it came up because we were talking about how stupid he is when he drinks and I didn’t just say it out of spite and then I realized he was the last person I felt I had to explain anything to and quickly ended my end of the conversation and hung up my end of the line.

In the end, we  wrapped up the weekend with popcorn and cuddled up to watch a movie in bed.

I feel asleep in his arms feeling like everything was right in the world.

13 thoughts on “As well that ends well ?

  1. Well I am sorry that BIL was such a jerk but glad that you all had fun at the party anyway.  Sounds like a nice weekend.  I love restaurants like that.  There is one in So. California that you can throw the peanut shells right on the floor and the food is Wonderful.  Have a great Monday

  2. I would have smacked him in the mouth.  Seriously. 
    Know what?  I’m not a nice person, nor am I forgiving with that kind of thing.  If I were you, I’d hold a grudge and not let him see the kids anymore.  They’re just accidents therefore he shouldn’t get to enjoy them, you know?
    Grrrr…  I’m pissed off at a person I don’t even know. 
    Glad that everything else went well, though.  You’re such a good wifey.  😉

  3. i can not believe he would say that!!! thats beyong rude and insulting thats just mean….not even just towards you and Chris but how dare he say such things about your babies…oh that made me really mad….if people are gonna act that way when they drink then they ahve no buisness drinking…its so true that what you do when you are intoxicated will come bck to haunt you for sure..I am really sorry..but i am glad that in the end yall had fun anyways..:)ALICE

  4. Aww Steph, I am sorry about how things turned out at Chris’ surprise party.  Some people just get dumb when they drink.  I’ve always found that weird.  When I have a few drinks, I love everybody and all I want to do is talk and sing and have fun.  I don’t get the people who get pissy and mad when they drink.  Oh well, it’s over and you made it home in one piece and that’s all that matters.
    Hope you have a great day!!!

  5. Oh wow – I can’t believe Jason acted like that.  Id be mad too!
    Isn’t it nice how you can curl up with your hubby & feel like everything in the world is perfect?  I love that feeling…

  6. first what a weekend! wow! glad he had a good time thought. it did sound like lots of fun! except for the fighting. and bobbi….what’s her deal? did her dh cheat on her while she was gone? i mean other than that how upset could she be? 🙂
    and thank you sooooo much for your comment. it does help me to know that even though i am alone here in my house i am together with so many of my friends that care. i thank you so much!
    have a great night and it’s too funny but i also have the fantastic 4 on ! i didnt realize that julian mcmahon is in it….i love that guy! bonus!

  7. What a fucking DICK! I can’t believe Chris didn’t kick the crap out of him… sounds like Jason will never learn that he shouldn’t drink so much if he can’t hold his liquor. Wow. I can’t believe he ruined the party like that, drunk or not… no excuse. I would have done just what you did on the phone as well… I’ll comment more tomorrow, I’m too pissed to be coherent now!

  8. damn that sucked with the altercation..but i’m glad to hear the party was a success and that you had a good weekend. congrats on going all out to keep the secret 🙂

  9. thats too bad that he stooped that low to bring kids into it!  Once your children are brought into it its a whole other ballgame.  The thing of it is he has nothing else to insult you about because you two are happy and he isnt.  Your kids could never be accidents no matter what anyone says and i think you handled it brilliantly.  i would have done the same thing!  I am glad you had a better day with your family!

  10. Damn, I hate drama like that. Sorry the evening turned out that way, but at least you got some good partying in. Hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂

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