Waiting for Tonight

Keeping a secret from your husband is one thing.  He asked me last night why I was being so distant and I felt really bad. It’s been really hard to keep my trap shut. Like, he was trying to figure out what to wear to work today and he tried one of  his new outifts that we got him at Old Navy and I said “No, just wear that tonight to your….um, our dinner date.”

I spent all day yesterday running around ordering food and a cake and getting stuff cause it was his first day on his new job and the first day I could get out or do anything without him since he had been off a week between jobs. Then he called my Mom to see if I was over there and she was like, “No, she and Paul and the kids are getting…….your check cashed.” She almost said ‘the stuff for the party.’

I will be so glad when all this over.

But I am excited. It will be nice to celebrate with family & friends.

Have a good weekend, all.

14 thoughts on “Waiting for Tonight

  1. You can do it.  Just a few more hours.  It is tough doing stuff like that.  I haven’t tried to in a few years cause the stress is so bad.  My hubby was 21 the last time.  He is now 38.  See told you they scare me into a nervous wreck.  LOL.  Have a GREAT day.

  2. I just helped plan a 50th birthday surprise party, and it was a month in the works… damn that was hard… meanwhile he had been planning an additional surprise to his wife of 35 years… he re-proposed and gave her this huge, gorgeous ring, and told her that they were going to Hawaii in June to get re-married… everyone was so relieved when it was over.

  3. i couldn’t think of a way to keep the surprise…it’s very hard when the person you’re trying to keep it from knows you so well that they instinctively can tell if you’re keeping something. lol. glad that the secret didn’t spill out with your Mom though. 🙂

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time tonight!  I know your party will be a huge hit and it will be a surprise!!  You can keep a secret for a few more hours!!!!
    Happy Birthday to hubby!!!!  *sends balloons*

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