Driver’s License

After completing her annual well child check, a young girl left her doctor’s office for a playdate with her mother. While her mother was driving along the daughter asked,

“Mom, how old are you?”

The mother said, “You’re not supposed to ask a woman her age, dear, it’s rude.”

The daughter then asked, “Well how much do you weigh?”

The mother again explained that this was not something you were supposed to ask. The daughter figured since she couldn’t ask anything about her mother she would ask a question about her father.

“Well then, why did you and Daddy get divorced?”

The shocked mother said, “That’s none of your business right now, but I will explain it when you’re older. No more questions.”

When the young girl finally arrived for her playdate her friend could tell something was bothering her and asked what was wrong.

The young girl said, “I just went to the doctor’s office and my mother could answer every single question the doctor asked about me but I know nothing about my mother. She won’t answer any of my questions, so how am I supposed to ever find out?”

The friend replied, “Oh, that’s easy….you just have to check her driver’s license. It’s like a report card for grown ups.”

A couple months went by and it ended up that the daughter had to accompany her mother to her own doctor’s visit. When the doctor entered the room the young girl stood up and proudly said,

“My mother is 34 years old, she weighs 165 pounds, and her and my Daddy got divorced because she got an “F” in sex.

8 thoughts on “Driver’s License

  1. ahahahah..thats is soo cute…made me laugh….I heard a funny one from my ex yesterday..There were these two old guys, best friends, right? Anyway they made a promise that whoever died first, would come back and tell the other one what was on the other side. Well one of the old guys dies, and his friend waits and waits and waits..weeks turn into months and still nothing..”must just be nothing there,” he said. Well that night he hears a voice..and its freind..”What’s it like on the other side??” He asks eagerly”Oh its wonderful.” he says..”I wake up in the morning and i have sex, an hour passes and i have sex again. I might grab some lunch or get a drink and then i’ll have sex again and again. I swear thats all i ever do is just eat, drink and have sex all day long..””Wow.” his friend is amazed.”Heaven does sound wonderful!””Heaven? Who said anything about heaven, buddy? I am a jackrabbit over in Arizona!”—ahahaa…———-Thanks for your comment on my prot. post. I really appreciate you sharing about yourself and your ex too. I guess some loves really dont ever go away. Doesnt mean you cant move on…i am trying to. I still have such an attachment to him..that i dont think will go away until i date someone else really..and even at that, as you have said my feelings probably wont completely leave…but it is good to know that it wont hinder me from still moving…its just a confusing mess sometimes, huh?:)ALICE

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