28 days til Christmas

Surely I have gained 10lbs and I really don’t care. Can i just say that Country Crock’s Limited Edition Honey Butter is a gift from God. Really, it’s that good. Thank God it’s limited cause I would start eating it on everything, everywhere, all the time. Start putting it in my coffee and whatnot.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It ended up just being my husband‘s siblings and their significant other at his Mom’s which was really nice cause we all got to bond. Usually there are Aunts and Uncles and cousins and blah blah blah…but it was a cozy gathering. After dinner and a couple glasses of wine we all squeezed in the family room and played Name that Tune – 80s edition. It was really funny. His sister and her boyfriend won, of course. She’s like 80s obsessed. We only lost by 1 stinkin point. Then we went off to my parents for another small gathering. Got to see my Dad’s sister and my Uncle and my cousins

That’s a whole other story. I dunno. I used to be really close to my Aunt when I was growing up and she kinda turned her nose up at me when I got pregnant with Jedi before I was married (gasp). God forbid I had murdered someone or something. (eyeroll) Whatever. My sister came back to my place after dinner and we had wine, talked about boys and giggled like sisters do.

Then I got up early Friday morning, made a cup of coffee and did my Christmas shopping……..in my pajamas…….ONLINE.  I know, I know. It’s all fun to be in the hussle and bussle of the rush, but it’s done now. I saved money by thinking through my purchases and I did all my shopping through the Upromise website, so I will get money back for the kids college funds. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

10 thoughts on “28 days til Christmas

  1. Congrats.  I think there’s nothing more entertaining than shopping in your pj’s, especially Christmas shopping.
    Hey, I’m assuming there are supposed to be snowflakes falling on your page, but what you’ve got is falling X’s.  Check your html, make sure it’s right.  🙂  Just thought you should know. 

  2. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving.I have alread done all my shopping and Jackie has even opened one of her gifts already. Don’t worry about the weight during the holidays, just enjoy yourself!!G. S. Pendygraft

  3. It is day one of my ‘serious’ diet and here you are talking about Honey Butter!!  Shame on you woman!  hee hee.  I will not be tempted by this.  It does sound good though and I laughed so hard when I read you might be putting it in your coffee….lol.
    It sounds like you had a really good Thanksgiving.  I’m glad!!  I had a good one, too.  I ate too much, but that’s all right.  I didn’t gain anything though.  Whew!
    Your aunt sounds hateful.  Who cares if you go pregnant before you got married??  Times have changed and people need to get a grip.  I got pregnant before I got married, too (had a miscarriage though).  My mother and grandmother were ecstatic!!  They didn’t care whether I was married or not and my Nanny (grandma) was a very religious woman.  Speaking of being pregnant, it seems Aunt Flo isn’t going to visit me this month and I might be heading to town for an EPT test sometime this week.  It may just be stress though. 
    RYC:  About Ricky Martin…..I can’t reveal my sources.  But isn’t that sick????  It so grossed me out.

  4. Love your holiday colors. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. And thanks for the nice comment. 
    Speaking of the 80’s – Guess what I heard on the radio the night before last? … *lays down the phat beats* … “I wanna rock right now, I’m Rob Bass and I came to get down. I’m not internationally known, but I’m known to rock a microphone… *dun dun WOoo!*  It takes two to make a thing go right *dun dun WOoo!* It takes two to make it outta sight…”

  5. Yummy cookies and great photos.  I think Black Friday is overrated.  They mark everything up really high so that when they mark it down it looks like a good deal.  Maybe some stuff is worth it.  I don’t know.  I did online shopping Friday.  I guess today is Cyber Monday.
    RYC: Ran away from the weight wagon?  LOL. That is too funny.  I am glad you had a nice Turkey Day and that you got so spend some time with your hubby. 

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