Weekend Recap

This weekend was LoooooNg and interesting.

Usually my husband has Fri, Sat, Sun off, but he’s trying to use up his sick leave before he turns in his two week notice on Wednesday. That means we got an early start to the weekend. There was a lot of shopping and frivolous spending involved. But, we usually don’t so, it was nice. Especially since he had just gotten paid for a side job, which means we don’t really have to worry about our splurging. We got some early Christmas shopping in and got some stuff for the house that we’ve been wanting for awhile.

My doctor called Friday and told me that my ultrasound came back clean, which is GREAT NEWS! I kinda figured it had popped, cause about a day after I went to see her last time I woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain and when I woke up in the morning the dull, continuous pain that had been in my left side for weeks was gone. It’s a really good thing cause now my doctor can say that issue is resolved since we’re shopping for cheaper medical insurance. It’s been a little nerve racking for me. This year has been horrendous medically for me.

We also went to Matilda’s daughter’s birthday party Friday. Pickle and her have been buds since they were in diapers so we like to go to these things. Husband and I got to judge a catwalk after the four little girls who attended the party finished putting makeup on each other. Very funny stuff. Also a little scary that they want to grow up so quick. This was also the first time I had seen Matilda since February. It wasn’t awkward, to me anyways. Everything was cool. In fact Pickle ended up spending the night with her son and brought them all over to play Saturday. We went out and got a huge, very comfort food oriented take-out lunch and some wine, and while the kids played, Hubby, Matilda and I hung out and went through pictures and talked, mostly about celery, lol. Matilda seems more happy than I’ve seen her in awhile and that does my heart well. I enjoyed the company.

Yesterday was yard work day. I was not motivated, but my husband gave a very energizing “oral presentation” that got me up and going. Our city has a leaf program so that if you rake em to the curb they come and suck and mulch them up in their big truck thingy doo and our last pick up for the season is today. That was fun. not! I did get to meet a new neighbor though. A couple about our age. They are engaged and I guess just bought the house together. They both seem nice and not at all snobby. We were going to go see “Walk the Line” afterwards, but when we got up by the mall he said he would rather grab a bite to eat, so we could just relax and talk…ALONE. Afetr dinner we bought a humidfier that connects to our furnance, we heard it helps with energy savings but also our house is terribly dry. OH! and we bought a book shelf too, brought it home, he was tired but I managed to “bribe” him into putting it together for me.

Today with more storage in place, I’ve decided to tackle projects I’ve been putting off for awhile. My house is divided into piles again. But it’s an organized mess at least. I’m just trying to get some kind of order to the house before the holidays and the new toys and stuff invade my dwelling again. BUT as a bonus while I was digging through things I found some really cool looking pictures Pickle painted and I think I’m gonna go buy frames and hang them up. I realize this is probably not a very hip or sophisticated thing to do, but they are actually quite nice and abstractive. They appeal to me and plus, I know the artist personally.

~ Stephanie

18 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. God give me the motivation to put things in order like you have!!!
    Kick ass weekend, it seems.  Glad you got your shopping taken care of!!  I am going to reverse shop soon, take back some junk I bought on impulse that I really don’t need…  *sigh*  I could have worse addictions, I suppose.  Gambling, drugs, prostitution…  At least if I keep the receipts, I can amend my spending!! 

  2. I hate the “piles” that accumulate around the house.  I usually have a couple.  I try to tackle them atleast one day a week so it doesnt get outta hand.  And i agree you are frisky!  LOL

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend.  I don’t blame Chris for taking his days before he turns in his notice.  He’s a smart man. 
    The party sounds like it was fun, too. 
    “Oral presentations” always make me sleepy….lol.  I don’t want to do anything but take a nap afterward. 

  4. awww…i am soooo glad your ‘usound came back in a good way. and i did have mucho fun this weekend…thanks for letting devon stay and then having us over later…it was really fun. i feel closer to the kiddies lately than ever before…which is cool. but to have other parents around that like their kids too is really nice. ok…oh…and i dig the purply thing going on with the xanga site…very nice. also the rotation of pics is bitchin’.the celery stocks are going up thanks to chris and oprah. hilarious.

  5. YAY for good news at the docs! im sure that was a huge relief off your shoulders, and for shopping.. i love it!
    an oral presentation huh?? hehe

  6. Love the superhero pic.  Yay for good news at the DR.  That is always nice.  Sounds like you had a great weekend and heck yeah go buy frames for the artwork.  Have a great holiday

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