He loves me

Yesterday was nice.

Husband called in sick, got up with the kids and got them all dressed and fed while I slept in. Then he brought me breakfast in bed, did the dishes, picked up the house, went shopping with me at the mall, made dinner and then made my favorite cookies for dessert.

In return, I took him to Old Navy and told him to get himself some new clothes. I think he rather enjoyed himself. The man has NEVER gone shopping for clothes like that before.  I may have created a monster.

While we were laying in bed last night, I thanked him for everything he had done and asked him what I did to deserve all of that. He kissed me on the head and said,

Everything. You always do everything and I love you so much, Steph and I just don’t ever want you to doubt it.


But now it’s back to the grind. Laundry, dishes and Mommy stuff.



~ Stephanie 


P.S.I have a Question of the Day: Have you ever had an orgasm while dreaming about sex?

17 thoughts on “He loves me

  1. Aww, that was so nice of your hubby to do that for you!!  And it was nice of you to take him shopping.  Isn’t love grand????
    The answer to your question of the day:  Yes, I have.
    RYC:  I like my leather coat, too.

  2. yes… wish I could have dreams like that more often!!!  😉
    Chris is a great husband.  I know you guys have problems, but it reassures me that even with problems, he’s still a kick ass guy.  🙂

  3. Aww that is so sweet.  I get that from Hubby every now and again.  Mostly my birthday or Mother’s Day he will do all the chores and such.  Tells me he loves me and that he knows he doesn’t always show it or say it but he appreciates everything I do.  So you go girl.

  4. yes i have…and what a sweetheart! and i totally understood your comment last time….it’s everyone else that i guess didn’t or didn’t want too. that is the problem with these written things….one person could read it as  a possibility and another could read it as a statement. i took it as that is what could happen and there may be more there…..i have come to the conclusion that if something is to happen i am not going to force it and it will just happen. but i hope you don’t think i am mad at you….or that i took your comment in the wrong way!
    on a happy note thank you for the comments and i do apprecaite it. brittnay got a kick out of it and she left everyone a message.
    have a great friday!

  5. wow. what a man what a man what a mighty good man. you’re blessed.                                                                         answer to your question: most certainly yes. i try to have those dreams at least once a week! LOVE it

  6. I have had a sex dream and in the dream I orgasmed but dont know if i did for real or not.  As to the questoin about the comment that guy left on my page, I dont know who he is or why he told me he like attention.  Like I care.  I like attention too but from my hubby!  LOL  hope you have a great weekend!

  7. that is just about the sweetest thing I ever heard where did you pick him up?? any single brothers?? Just kidding.. Hope you have a really great weekend!!

  8. awwww sounds like you have a keeper,R is good about doing stuff for me,while i sleep in..
    and yes i do all the time!!!! LOL,i thought i was the only one..hehehe i have crazy sexually dreams

  9. that’s sweet 🙂 in response to your question..no..not for a while I believe. I’m convinced that if I have those every night, I would wake up feeling great!, lol.

  10. Sounds like a groovy way to spend a day.
    As far as the question goes, I think that particular scenario is kinda like a sexual bar mitzvah for us males. Once you have one of those, you know all systems are go.
    Um…noticed YOU haven’t answered the question, though…

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