We’re gonna make it.

The past few days have been CRAZY. After talking to me, his brothers, his mother, my father and his Uncle….husband finally got the idea that he should take the job offer. And while making $12k more a year is going to make things a lot easier around here, there are some things we had to really plug away at before he could formally “accept” the position. We found out that we could get medical benefits A LOT cheaper by going outside of the group insurance the new company is offering. But once you throw a bone out for the insurance sales people, it gets scary. Our phone rang NONSTOP yesterday. Sales people from Florida, Texas, etc, etc. We ended up going with the most straight forward, quickest guy. But what a hassle.

Then we had to stop and think about when  he could actually start this new job, because while he’d like to start ASAP sincewe have a mortgage payment and bills that we have to make sure get paid on time. Sometimes being all grown-up can really blow in that respect. Sitting down, crunching numbers, figuring out pay periods and all that nonsense is a headache  I could do without BUT in the end it was all good. We decided since we were frying our brains out that we needed sexual healing……3x.
When all is said and done, things are going to work out VERY nice. He will have a much easier job, a lot less stress, he can set his own hours, he’ll be his own boss and it works out to be like $1000 more a month in pay. I don’t even know what that will be like. We always have enough to get by, but now we might actually have some cash leftover when we get to the next paycheck. Shocking, I know.

It’s really nice to have things work out like this. Knowing all that we’ve been through makes this so much sweeter. What made it even better for me, was that he actually thanked me for helping him, and us, make it to this point. Knowing that he sees what I do and that he gets it, well, I just can’t put into words what that means….but what more could I ask for?

It to last?

~ Stephanie

16 thoughts on “We’re gonna make it.

  1. Congrats on Chris getting the new and better job!!!  I know that will help out a lot.  I am happy for the both of you honey!!  I am glad you found you a good medical insurance company, too.  That’s so important.  The company my hubby works for has THE best insurance coverage I’ve seen to date.  It’s worth him staying in that job just for that reason. 
    Well, hope you have a great day.  Glad you got some ‘sexual healing’, too!! 

  2. 3x?  You go girl.  Sounds like it will be a good thing.  I hate being all grown up sometimes.  I agree with you.
    RYC:  WW= weight watchers. 

  3. I can’t imagine having money left over when another paycheck came in!!!  Then again, I have quite the shopping problem, so that could possibly explain it…
    At least he appreciates you, and lets you know.  It’s nice to hear it from them once in awhile…

  4. y’all gonna have all kindz of money huh?!!!! Where y’all live again, Pookie wantz 2 send a postcard or sumn…..

  5. Sounds like quite a party. Good to know things are working out, even if we’ve never met. 😮
    The only time i don’t wish I was older is when I think about all that money math. Bagh…

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