I’ve decided to kick things up a notch with my diet.

Right before I make a trip to the grocery store, I write down dinners that I would like to make for the next two weeks on the calendar. I happened to notice that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. You guys remember Thanksgiving, right? It’s that holiday that the big marketing machine skips over between Halloween and Christmas ((eyeroll)) Anyways, being that I only have two weeks before the impending “holiday season” and all the food and weight gain that comes with it, I’m getting my ass in check, literally.

This morning I started back on a modified version of the first phase of the South Beach Diet which will only last two weeks. I also added exercise to the task list. I did a mile on the treadmill this morning and I bought a new Hip-Hop Cardio Dance DVD that I’m gonna check out this afternoon while Diva takes her nap. I figure this way when two weeks is up, I will have gotten a go head start to the holiday season and I will have gotten rid of my carb cravings which will be a very good thing.

On another note: Did anybody watch that show Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy on FOX last night???

Cause,  OMG!

If you missed it, you missed some of the scariest television I have seen in a LooooNG time. The premise of the show is to have Moms go live a different life with another family for a week. My guess is that it’s supposed to be a learning experience but, last night they traded a 400lb “Christian” mother with a huge gap in her front teeth with a new age practicing hypnotist mother. The 400lb mother was PSYCHO. She freaked the fuck out, talking about how the other woman and her family were “dark-sided” and that she “rebuked it in the name of the Lord” and she would randomly say things like, “Find God, he wants you.”  When she got home she started screaming and yelling, telling the crew to get out and screaming about her house being tainted now. This woman’s poor children and husband, their reactions…priceless.

Now, this is what bugs me about, “christians”. Hey lady – remember Jesus? Remember how Jesus is the savior of Christianity? Remember how he told the prostitute to get up and walk with him? I think Jesus was WAY more gracious than the lot of Christians and all their judgements passed. It makes my stomach turn that this woman claimed hersefl a Christian and acted like a deranged psychopath on TV. Inspiration is what changes people if that what she was sincerely after and about all she inspired in me was prayer for her kids and maybe a little nudge on the diet. Hey- isn’t sloth a sin still? Did I miss that?

Interesting fact of the day:

Despite the fact that the average American woman has consistently worn a size 12 to 14 clothing for decades, the women who grace magazine covers have gotten thinner and thinner over the past 20 years.

18 thoughts on “BAM!

  1. Did you notice how she tore up the letter about the money and threw it out in Jesues name she prayed and then when they told her about the gastric surgery, she took it.
    People like that really should be taken out back and shot. She scared the SHIT out of her little girl, when she was freakin’ out, they showed the little girls face and that was child abuse, no way around it.
    Congrats on kicking your diet up a notice. You should call it a lifestyle change though, diets are temp.  😀
    “I make myself giggle”

  2. BeBa was just commenting on that show.  I had posted on hers that at supercuts yesterday they were talking about how she was a whack job.  I am glad I didn’t watch it.  I would have been all over the TV.  I also don’t like the so called Christians that have no problem making fun of or being mean and then getting all upset when those people are mean right back.  Do unto others?  (this is happening on the Amazing Race)  Sure makes you think how some people are so screwed up and skewed in their views.  So so rips up the letter and then wants GB?  HMMMM.  Vanity has to be a sin somewhere. 
    Good job on the workouts and eating.  I saw the other day that the average American gains 7-8 pounds over the next two months.  WOW.  Not me.  I am sticking with my Weight Watchers and maybe gaining a pound.   

  3. WTF?
    “just intimidated by you and your good looks. In all seriousness,”
    In all seriousness…….. 😦
    “I make myself giggle”

  4. hence the reason I avoid church at all possible costs.  I don’t need those kinds of people passing judgement on me and making me feel bad about myself.  My God understands.  He’s cool with me not going to church.  He gets it.  🙂
    Enjoy the diet.  Ha!  Here, this is better:  Good luck with the diet.  I hope you beat the carbs before the holidays.  Fudge would be my downfall… 

  5. i must have missed a great show cause everyone on xanga is talking about it! that irks me that she says she is christian and acts like that. but of course i should act christian and not judge…:) but i believe there are different ways to believe in God and different practices…but if you stick to the 10 commandments you should be alright!
    glad i motivated you! really i didn’t eat a whole lot different..i am eating breakfast so i think that helped ! have a good day!

  6. omg i saw that show last night. they put it on side by side with lost so i had to tape it. but OMFG that lady was NUTS! she was a religious freak. i mean come on… .how can you hate someone b/c they aren’t christian???????? i cant’ STAND ppl that act like she does. but how freaking hilarious was the end where it said she did finally accept the $? HA!

  7. I just read about your “best gift” on Auntdee’s site!  WOW!  That is awesome!
    And God is even more awesome!

  8. The show was FUNNY!!! That ladie was CRAZY!! Good to hear that you want to step up your diet. Making a desion like that is always exciting!!!

  9. that woman was a fruit cake!!!! fox should of never gave her that money back,just for the sake of the way she showed her ass!!!
    omgoodness, i read that story about the angel figurine, i got the chills ! i would of dropped it!! you def have a guardian angel around you

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