The good news and the bad news

The good news is that when I got weighed in yesterday at the doctor’s office….I had lost 5lbs. Not much, but it’s something. Better than having that 5lbs still there. WAY better than gaining 5lbs.

The bad news is:

#1- I am becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. The talk about endometriosis has come up again. This is a diagnosis I received when I was about 19. But then I became pregnant at 20 and when you become pregnant the symptoms actually stop because of the no period thing when you’re pregnant. But now it’s 2 and half years out from my LAST birth, so the symptoms are back, the cysts are back and I must have 2 ultrasounds done Friday morning at the hospital. Depending on what those show, we take it from there.

#2- Lump is still in breast and so I can be sure at the very least that I will be having a biopsy done in the coming months, but most likely that the good boob doctor will be opening up old wounds and taking it out completely, because he thinks it’s scar tissue left  over form my surgery that is flawing his “work”.

God, I love being a girl! (insert heavy sarcasm) periods, pregnancy, child birth, menopause and all the many complications that can arise from any of the above. Men have it so easy. BUT, It could always be worse and with that I digress.

I got to go out with my Mom last night. Just a trip to Wal-Mart for Pull-Ups, but still it’s a very rare occasion that my Mom and I are without one of my children in tow, even if we were still shopping for one. She bought me an ice cream cone from McDonald’s on the way home, which I  found very endearing.

Interesting fact of the day

Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women

~ Stephanie

14 thoughts on “The good news and the bad news

  1. Oh Steph, I am so sorry you didn’t get better news at the Dr. yesterday.  I have heard the endometriosis is very painful.  Do they have to operate for that?  I don’t really know that much about it.  I am sorry to hear about the lump in your breast, too.  I am sure that will be fine though.  The Dr. sounds like he knows what he is doing and he will take good care of you honey.  If it is just scar tissue, it isn’t anything to worry over. Yeah, being a girl is a blast…..pfft!
    Aww, that was sweet of your Mommy to take you out for an ice cream cone.  I wish I lived closer to my Mama.  I do talk to her everyday, several times a day to be exact.  Can you imagine my phone bill?  Whew! 
    RYC:  Thanks for letting me know about Mary Jo being on Oprah.  I am going to have to watch that one.  I was fascinated with all that when the story broke years ago.  I could not believe it.  And I certainly couldn’t believe she took him back after that.  I know they aren’t together anymore, but still, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have taken him back.  Some women will do anything to make you think they are really into their marriage.  I don’t get it.

  2. I am so sorry about what you found out at the dr.  LIke you said it could be worse but i really dont know how.  I hope things work out.  Have a great day!

  3. Going to Wal-Mart is always awesome!!!
    Congrats on the 5lbs, that is awesome!!!
    Sorry about your girl troubles, guys don’t have it completly easy…..doctors hands are usually very cold when we have to turn and cough….
    “I loves me some comments!”

  4. wow 5 lbs! awesome! i hope that you feel better and stuff goes away like it’s supposed to. my mom has  had female issues like that her whole life and it is so stressful. it’s not something simple like a broken bone that will heal. Being a woman is great and so difficult all at the same time. *hugs to you*

  5. Hi, I am really sorry about all the bad stuff that is happening to you, but you are right things could be worse. I love stumbling upon sites like yours people that got dealt a bad hand but still keep their head up!! The world needs more people like you!! THANK YOU FOR BEING AROUND!!!!

  6. Aw you again on Shannon’s site and the same thing happened with me.  I had you as a sub and thought you had subbed to me but I don’t show anywhere.  I know I subbed to you so I will try again.  Have a great one.  Mickey Dee’s Ice cream from mommy.  That is so sweet.  I love when my mom and I go out for little treats.  Makes me feel like a little girl again.

  7. I was under the impression that childbirth cured endo…  Glad to know that’s not the case, it’s better to be informed than assume.  Why can’t the doctors cure it? 
    You’re in my thoughts.  I hope it all turns out okay.  You’re such a strong woman, though.  I’d be freakin’ the hell out over all this stuff.  You?  You’re just taking it in stride. 
    And congrats on the five pounds!  🙂

  8. *sigh* i’m sorry sweetie. yes being a woman sucks sometimes. we have all that complicated tubing throughout our bodies, from our nether regions to our boobs. one kink and we seem to go to hell. (((hugs))) you are handling it so great… be proud of that. and hey… 5 lbs…. thats awesome!

  9. Five pounds is AWESOME, I am proud of you and way to go!  Keep up the good work!
    I had my gyno yesterday too… I HATE being a woman sometimes.  It’s a man’s world, that’s for damn sure!

  10. i love being a woman but we come with problems!!! i hope you can get things straighted out with your endo probs, my friend deals with it all the time,so i know your pain! hang tight and shop more at walmart ,i love that place!!!!

  11. I appreciate going to the store to buy my kid pads alone with my sister or mom or whatever more then
    I dont know why you un subscribed to me. I thought you did it on purpose..perhaps I made you mad eer something.. Anyway, im glad you’re back.

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