Potty Training

I remember this feeling of hopelessness when I potty-trained the boys. The one where you think that they will never learn to use the toilet and you begin to comfort yourself with thoughts that you’ve never known anybody to go on their honeymoon in diapers so EVENTUALLY it will work itself out. And it does. The boys got it, when I was right on the brink of insanity. lol. I’ve heard girls are supposed to be easier, but I dunno. I’ve been taking the Diva potty for months now. When she first wakes up, before her naps, when she wakes up for naps and when she goes to bed…just to get the process started.  But, yesterday she showed a lot of interest in her Nemo underwear so I let her wear them and we did pretty good. We made it from 8am til 5:30pm, before she came in walking like she’d just gotten off a horse and saying, “Mommy, it’s yucky” and pointing at her pants. BUT, the only reason she was going was because I was stopping and taking her.  It’s a fluke thing when she actually tells me she has to go and does. Then about 20 mins ago I took her up to sit on the toilet, she didn’t go and then we came downstairs and she made a fabulous little puddle on the kitchen floor.

Note to self: Buy Lysol…..lots of Lysol

Husband is at a second interview today. I wasn’t really thrilled about this new job perspective because the fringe benefits won’t be as good as him working for the county now, but his agency is SHA-DY. Big time. Like, yesterday his boss had the nerve to tell him that he thought he saw him driving around in his work vehicle while he was using vacation time and that he needed to do some explaining about his gas fill-ups, cause he filled up two days before he left and two days after he got back. Hello?!? DumDum! That would be 4 working days and he’s riding around in that vehicle ALL DAY LONG. Besides that, WE WERE OUT OF TOWN. It’s not even possible for him to have seen him. And he  has NEVER used his work vehicle for anything other than work. That shit, pisses me off. He goes to work and does his job and stays out of all the county drama, but this asshole always drags him down somehow. There’s a BUNCH more shady shanigans I could tell you about, but it gets my blood boiling and I need to practice my patience.

* Interesting fact of the day *

Celery has negative calories since it actually requires more energy to eat it than it contains. Same with apples.

Guess what I’m stocking up on during my next grocery trip?

13 thoughts on “Potty Training

  1. ditto to the apples! i had no idea! awesome! and yeah my dh and i have been going round and round with the ex since day 1. i met the dh when i was 19 and he was 23. his daugther was 14 months old. the mom had her and we got vistitation but then one day the mom got in a fight with the boyfriend and gave brittnay to us and it’s been that way since. the mom is a jerk, moved out of state and didn’t talk to the kid for a year…lots of fun stuff. i remember potty training my kids…brittnay was a breeze, bryon was great *he’s 6 now* and eric….oh eric! he is 4 and he just stopped wetting the bed. *crosses fingers* of course i broke down last week and bought a pack of pull ups for at night and he wore them 2 nights and has been dry since. it figures!
    well thanks for subbing to me…i’m not the most interesting person but i try! take care and have a good one!

  2. I was a nanny to a two year old once, and part of the job was to potty train her.  It was a nightmare.  Partially because she wasn’t mine, and partially because she was stubborn, and really didn’t want to be potty trained.
    Good luck!

  3. I’ve never had to potty train anyone.  Cats are easy.  Stick ’em in the litter box once, and potty training is finished.  Good luck, though.  At least she realizes when she’s wet, and feels yucky.  That’s a start.  Some kids don’t give a damn.
    I hope Chris gets his new job.  Working for the shady company never benefits anyone but the company…

  4. I was lucky with Meah, it only took us about 2 weeks to get her to tell me everytime she needed to go.  She got tired of peeing on herself.  Poo Poo took about 3 weeks to get her to stop doing that and use the potty.  Now she just goes in the bathroom and goes without even telling me she needs to go.  She still wears the pull ups at night though, but there isn’t much in it, in the mornings.  Good Luck!

  5. Good luck on the potty training, I am not looking forward to those days……. I hate where I work, I work for a hospital lab, its waaaaaaaaaaaay shady. I hope he finds something he likes

  6. boys are soo hard to potty train,my son was 2 1/2, it was always a battle,then i  made him start rinsing out his undies,that worked,but he wouldnt let go of his bottle til he was 3!!!!
    have a good weekend!

  7. I know nothing about potty training, but I do want to wish you luck. It sounds like you are having a fun day cleaning up puddles….hee hee. I know that has to be a little nerve wracking.
    Chris’ boss sounds like an A-hole.  He sounds like he just wants to come down on Chris for no reason.  He must be jealous of him or something.  Hope everything works out with the company truck and the gas bills.

  8. i totally feel ya on the whole potty training thing. i’m there with yuna now and some days i swear i’m gonna pull out my hair… others i’m convinced she’s totally trained.. then she regresses and i’m bakc to pulling out my hair again. its tough work, more than i realized. its tough to remind yourself to take them ALL the time. i cant’ wait until its over!!!!!

  9. thanks for the celery/apple tip.
    and thanks for the potty training tip. now, i won’t have to worry about myse – I mean, my children when I’m potty training them 😉
    enjoy the weekend!

  10. I usually don’t leave comments on the weekends, the weekends are for “real life”, however, I wanted to give you a big thanks…I love all the support that I get from people but a lot of them are like “don’t worry Sharky, you’ll do better”. Thanks for actually telling me to stop screwing up…that helped more than 100 you can do it’s ….that is what I need…thanks :DHave a great weekend!~~~~Sh/rky~~~~

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