My pet peeves

  • When someone uses the last of the toilet paper and doesn’t replace it. This is especially annoying when you run to the bathroom, squeezing your butt cheeks together, letting your ass explode as it meets the seat, you take that sigh of relief and then glance over and see cardboard.
  • I didn’t like it when strangers would touch my baby. Like standing in line in the grocery store and some lady wipes her nose with her hand and then goes all “AWwww…what a cutie” and reaches over with same hand to touch baby’s cheek. EWwwww!!! And by the way- what is the tactful way to deal with that?
  • When somebody looks at one of my kids and says, “Do you think that their warm enough in that?” No, dumbass. I just thought a little frostbite might toughen them up a bit. (eyeroll)
  • The way people in my house can’t seem to make their laundry go into one of the 4 laundry baskets provided or put their trash in the trash can, especially crusty tissues.
  • People who drive in the left lane on the highway. Listen up, The left lane is for PASSING. It’s actually a LAW. But for the love of God, if you’re gonna drive in the left lane at least do the speed limit.
  • And then there are those people that think the left lane off the highway is always the “fast lane”.
  • People that don’t get out of the way for ambulances and fire trucks. I always wonder (and maybe secretly hope) if that person will call for a rescue squad one day and have some asshole be in the way while they wait in the balance.
  • People who give you dirty looks and wave their arms from their vehicle while beeping their horn because you got in their way when you made your left turn with the green arrow while they ran a red light. Yeh, I’m sorry, buddy.
  • People in customer service jobs that lack manners and courtesy.
  • Habitual drunks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about when you go out and have a good time every now and then and catch a buzz and act silly. I’m talking about people who do it often and always go past their point, start stumbling around, can barely keep their eyes open and can’t get what they’re saying out. At some point folks, it’s just not funny, cute or quirky anymore and you become the person everyone rolls their eyes at when you walk away.
  • They way people say a bunch of shit online that they would never say to your face.
  • When somebody puts back nearly empty food/drink items and you think there is a supply of something there isn’t, and realize it right after you get back from grocery shopping.
  • The way the kids ask me for something at the worst time. Ex: I’m cleaning up puke off the kitchen floor and another child says …. “Mommy, can I have ……?” Like, Hello? Do I not look busy?
  • The way men always ask where shit is, before they look, when it’s in the same place it always is or it’s something I know nothing about. “Hunny, where is my belt?” Do you guys think we have a lost stuff radar in our vaginas or something?

So, What are your pet peeves?

17 thoughts on “My pet peeves

  1. Great pet peeves….
    RYC – that is weird. Small world indeed. I don’t know Alice all that great but Jackie went to school with her, she seems like a really sweet young lady…
    Have a great day!!

  2. AH! Carebear hoodie; My best friend has one of those and I’ve always been jealous. Those things are sooo cute. Wear it with pride!

  3. Another comment because I just read your post: From the looks of your list, I would guess that you live in Tallahassee too. Hahahaha – I guess bad drivers are everywhere.  Oh yeah, I hate the toilet paper thing too.

  4. lost stuff radar in our vaginas… you crack me up!
    AGREED on that green arrow/red light thing.  I have that on my way home from work every day and at least 3 times a week someone does that.  I hope one day someone in a Hummer crashes into a sports car doing that and runs them off the road.

  5. I’m sooooo guilty of the left lane driving.  But I do drive fast, so I’m not in anyone’s way…
    All of the other one’s though?  VERY TRUE.  Especially the green arrow, red light thing.  I’m also irritated by the people who don’t understand when another person has the right-of-way.  Read your rules of the road, stupid ass.  It’s very easy.
    *sigh* The world is my pet peeve.

  6. hysterical!!!! i am so bad about driving in the left lane,but hey im left handed,is that a good excuse?? great post!

  7. RYC: im not on anything ,i used the depo shot for yrs,been off it though for 18 months, we are trying to have another child 🙂

  8. man….i’d have to agree with 90% of yours!! i have to many to list. i’m a total OCD gal myself. we’d be here all day

  9. Reblogged this on Stephieopolis and commented:

    The only thing I can think to add to this list at the moment is my annoyance with mainstream media and the way they sensationalize things. Especially when they focus on things that people are mostly ignorant about or there is a lot of stigma attached to just to make a headline. Like, mental illness when somebody commits a crime.
    I also don’t like the term mental illness very much either.

  10. Add to that list:
    0 People who think just because you’re a stripper you’re stupid. I make 3-5k in 20 hours of work, have a bachelor degree in IT security and an IQ over 160
    0 People who call you stupid names like slut or whore when they don’t even know you…I’ve personally been with one girl since I was 15 thanks for your concern though.
    🙂 Like the post the TP one is also a great one.

    • People make a lot of generalizations and assumptions about people they don’t even know based on the way they look or what they do for a living and it’s all bullshit.
      I’ve worked with lawyers who were SUPER dysfunctional socially and have friends who work food service and are the kindest souls you’ve ever met.

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