Things I love about my husband:

  • His sense of humor
  • His smell
  • His hands
  • The muscle between his neck and shoulders
  • He lets me be a pain in the ass sometimes but calls me on it when I need it
  • He covers me up on cold mornings when he gets out of bed
  • The kiss and “I love you” before he leaves for work
  • No-bake cookies
  • He doesn’t mind when I fall asleep on him and drool
  • The way he says “Damn” when he looks at my ass
  • How sexy he makes me feel
  • The little cards he gets me
  • Drummers do it with rhythm
  • The sex
  • That he can’t stand to see me cry
  • He’ll drop everything when he knows I need to talk
  • He WANTS to stay home with me
  • He has stopped and picked wildflowers for me from the side of the road
  • His laugh
  • He’ll get up and check the house with no complaints when I hear something at night
  • The wondeful, playful Daddy he can be
  • The way he makes up dirty lyrics to songs
  • He’s a hard worker
  • He’s not quiet in bed
  • He can cook and clean if he has to
  • When he dances with me in the house
  • His pep talks
  • His hugs
  • His kisses
  • He always holds my hand while he drives



(See kids – Mommy and Daddy did love each other at one point in time and you were the best things that resulted of that love.)

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