the  “I” survey

In an effort to not terribly depress myself, I present the wonderful distraction of the  “I” survey……….

I am not: hopeless

I love: my husband, my kids, my family & friends

I hate: lies

I hope: that things will get better

I hear: that little voice in my head

I crave: a slice of pizza & chocolate covered strawberries

I regret: not doing or saying things when I had the chance

I cry: when I feel alone

I feel alone: when I need someone and they’re not there

I care: a lot

I will: survive

I will not: give up

I always: give someone the benefit of the doubt

I long to: take a bubble bath without any interruptions

I listen: to what’s not being said

I hide: my insecurities

I drive: a truck (insert twangy country music)

I sing: along with the radio when a good song comes on

I dance: whenever I feel like it

I laugh: when I think of Ni falling off a chair when we were drunk

I write: in order to get things out of my head

I breathe: through my nose

I play: tea party with my daughter on a daily basis

I miss: (sigh) being silly with girlfriends

I search: for things constantly in my dreams

I learn: from my mistakes

I feel: overwhelmed

I think: God is bigger than the BoogeyMan

I know: my kids and my husband are my whole world

I say: smart ass remarks as a defense mechinism

I dream: in color

I sleep: with the lights off

I wonder: what the big picture looks like

I want: everything to make sense

I have: to go to the bathroom

I give: good advice

I need: a vacation

I worry: about failing my children

I fight: for those who can’t fight for themselves

I wait: as long as I can

I stay: where I’m wanted

I am: Stephanie

11 thoughts on “the  “I” survey

  1. I read your expertise and I could’ve sworn I was the villain…LOL just thought I’d say hi. Once you have babies you never get an uninterupted bath, even when I lock the door, he puts his sad little face at the bottom of the door and I see fingers and then he starts that pitiful “Momma” “Momma” of course I cave, get out of the tub, unlock the stupid door, and share my freakin bath!  Have a good day ~Lisa~

  2. I am so sorry your son is sick.  I hope that he gets better soon.  Hope you have a great time when you leave on Sunday and everything goes perfect for you!!!  Have a great day!!!

  3. YAYYYY you did it!!!! awesome!!!
    RYC: its called “heaven” heres the link for it
    i have a niece and nephew who lost there father to cancer actually a year ago next month,they were here once when i had it playing on my site,and we all just balled like babies,she called me the other morning wanting to here that song,(they live in miami)her mom put my site on the internet and they listened to this song for hours !!!
    i know its a tear jerker for sure!!

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