More Time with Nana

In Her Shoes was excellent. Yes, it pretty much is a chic flick, but a GOOD one. Even got a little giggle as the opening scenes of the movie had “Stupid Girl” as their background music. There were some things in the movie that were not in the book and vice versa. I liked the book better, but still a really good movie. Nana really enjoyed it.

A night out with my Nana, Mom and sister was just what I needed. As a woman there really is something soul cleansing about time with other women. Can’t really explain it. Especially cool when it’s three generations of women in one family. Grandmother, Mother, Daughters. It certainly made me feel validated and loved. After some of the emotional stuff and self-analyzing I’ve been struggling with this week, that time with them was much needed and appreciated. Made even better on a chilly night with my newly acquired love for coffee.

Funny moment I want to commit to memory forever: When we got to the movie theater, my Mom was frantically searching for her glasses. She keep fiddling around in the car and feeling over her body. My Nana looks at her and goes “They’re on you face.” We all laughed so hard. Then Nana said “If it makes you feel any better, I forgot to put my eyebrows on.”

Husband made a lot of money today doing side work today. He made nearly a week’s pay in one day. He’s exhausted and I felt bad, but he told me to stop fussing over him and assured me that it was well worth it and he’s REALLY excited to have extra spending cash for our trip.

SO EXCITED…..8 more days til we leave.

We’re having dinner at Mom’s again tonight. Got to watch & learn how Nana makes her famous (and oh so delicious) potato salad yesterday for this occasion and I think I’ve got it. I was thinking after I get the kids to bed that I am gonna go back over and watch a couple more movies with my Mom & Nana. Nana hasn’t seen Love Actually and that is one of my all time favorites. And there’s something else. A couple weeks ago while I was reorganizing things, I found my camcorder and it’s tapes. One of which is a tape of a trip my Dad, sister and I took to KY one weekend to visit Nana. So much has changed since then that it’s bittersweet to watch them. Video of my cousins, my Aunt & Uncles, even Uncle Marc….. before, well before other things happened that changed the face of our family. Things that changed everything forever. It’s weird how things change and how you never see it coming. Watching it has this effect on you where you smile remembering better times and then you kinda mourn for the loss of them, cause God, everything really has changed so much in the last 5 years. That’s the best I can explain it or want to. I teared up when I watched it, my Mom cried, BUT Nana says she would like to watch it.

MIL just called: Boys are going to spend the night with her tonight, despite us already having other plans, but I figure they never get to see her, so might as well let them go. Gonna attempt the church thing tomorrow morning with my parents and Nana. So having two less kids to round up and make look like sweet innocent angels will make it a little easier.

Off to try and figure out how to hard wire my phone back to the phone company box instead of cable. And then I’ll make brownies for after dinner tonight.

5 thoughts on “More Time with Nana

  1. hey, glad to hear about the extra cash. it never hurts to have a fatter wallet 🙂
    thanks for the update on the movie. i may just go check it out! enjoy the weekend..

  2. You can’t look stupid, it’s a Steelers hat :DCOngrats to chris for making some money woooo hooooooooHave a great weekend ~~~~Sh/rky~~~~

  3. hey i’m aLIVE! haha. yeah i’d love to read that book…but right now, i can’t. i’d pick reading it over school work. soooo….over winter break you’ve gotta send it to me! i realllly wanna see that movie. glad you had fun 😉

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