There are now leaves in my yard

I finished reading my book, In Her Shoes. It was really good. Looking forward to seeing the movie tomorrow with my Mom, Nana & sister. Although books are always so much better IMO. But, I’m now bookless and taking suggestions. So, if you wanna help a sista out, hit that little add comment thingy doodle below.

There is much to be done here. Household stuff mostly. Laundry, dishes, cleaning floors, dusting, putting toys away, all that kind of crap. Suppose I should be grateful to have such chores to do. Somehow, I just don’t think like that when I’m scrubbing the floor in the bathroom. Mind you, I have 3 boys in my house, so it’s a little more than disgusting. However, at least I have a bathroom floor to clean. I’ll take volunteer help…hint, hint. Too bad only a few of yous even live in the same state. I know you would if you could. Right? (this is where you nod in agreement)

Gonna have to change my phone number and e-mail address when we get all switched over to the phone company, probably tomorrow. That should be a fun little nuisance. I’ll have to call all of Pickle’s doctors and teachers to update their info.

Ah, it will all work out, always does.

I should be eternally grateful to my husband, because let’s just say,  he has very special ways of relieving tension, which in turn help me stop being such a tight ass. That didn’t sound right. To clarify…I’m not an up-the-butt girl , not that there is anything wrong with that if that’s you thing, but I just meant that I am much more relaxed and chill after nooky time. Sex is my drug of choice.

Ok, stop procrastinating, all of you…….I’ve provided a great song to help motivate us. So turn up your speakers and “Get Up Offa That ThingALL HAIL JAMES BROWN!

13 thoughts on “There are now leaves in my yard

  1. I have taken note of the leaf situation….
    The butt thing, well that was a bit more than I wanted to know, but thanks for sharing….hopefully you will remain a loose ass?????
    Have a great day
    Sharky ~~~~/~~~~

  2. hahaha! that was too funny what you said about the whole “up the butt” you crack me up i swear.
    a nice night of passion is SO helpful in helping us remember what’s really important.. those who love us and care for us. hahah rudy is my drug of choice too.
    leaves *sigh* as much as i love the wilderness area in our backyard… those trees are dropping their leaves like you wouldn’t believe here too. i don’t even own a rake. looks like its time to go shopping huh?

  3. Gap Creek by Robert Morgan…….one of the best books ever written.  I highly recommend this book!
    I have enough of my own housework to do today.  But oh sure, I’d be willing to let mine go just to help you out….lol. 
    Sounds like someone had a good night last night.  Not a back-door girl?  Me either.  I’m not going there!!!  That is an exit only.  Anyways, I love me some James Brown.  Yes, he’s a freak and wild man, but dang, can he sing!!

  4. I loved Gap Creek  but i just finished reading ” A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey…. its about a man and drug addiction and rehab… sounds deep but it just puts a true light on it… i just could not put it down… awesome read…
    oh and i’m an EXIT ONLY girl! OUUUCCCH! no thanks! LMAO!

  5. I don’t read for a few days and here you are, talking about not being an up the butt girl.  You never fail to amaze me, darling…
    I would recommend any Nora Roberts books.  I’m a pathetic wench, though, and cannot help but love her mix of romance and mystery.  *sigh*
    How are you doing, really?  Aside from the cleaning and nonsense?

  6. LOL  Im not an “up the butt” girl either.  Hubbys have a  way of always making things better with “sex”.  I am glad your “friend” apologized somewhat to you.  You dont deserve that!  I have 3 boys in the house as well and I am pretty sure they are potty trained but I always ask myself why is there always a ring of urine around the bottom of the toliet on the floor rather than the toliet itself?  Beats me.  I sit down!  LOL  Hope you have a great day!

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