oh…boo fucking hoo for you. i am so sorry that you have to deal with the terriblness of being middle class with imagined diseases so you can gain attention that your children have taken simply becuase they are cuter and less maintenance. this is why we don’t talk…or associate in any way. mostly because you cry about everything in your world of your own making. not anyone’s fault but your own. suck it up. that is all

Posted 10/4/2005 at 11:02 PM by FreshChica76

This is Matilda’s commentary on a my post of frustration yesterday regarding Pickle’s medical problems and I’ll be the first to admit that my post yesterday was a bummer, but those of you who have actually been a part of my life for the last year or so, know I could’ve said a lot more and been justified. I “suck it up” all the time, put on my strong face and push forward BUT occasionally, because I am human, to my friends, my family and my husband, in my own time and space, I confide.

Matilda is obviously ^ not a friend.

Never really was. She’s more like one of those people who allows you to be their friend in everty sense of the word and when you need the favors of friendship returned, she’s no where to be found. I won’t go there. Too many unflattering details that I will spare you and myself in recalling. Seems maybe misery loves company and I’m just not very good company.
But,  “imagined diseases“? All I do is “cry about everything in my world of my own making and it’s not anyone’s fault but my own” ????
For starters, how can I make my son have seizures? Or have him admitted to the hospital for days for no reason? And back in Feb, when I was admitted, how could I fake 104 temp, or make my sed rate in my blood spike? Would I go through two spinal taps for shits and giggles???Could I make my doctor test me for cancer on my whim? And I’m sure I can make an EEG record made-up seizures? Or maybe I even really wanted Pickle’s “egg donor” bitch of a mother to abandon him? Cause rocking him to sleep everynight while he asked why his “Mommy” didn’t want him anymore just made my fucking day. And maybe I also wanted him to be abused so that when his Dad found out it would make him fall apart and drown everything out with alcohol so I would be alone to deal with it all while I was 8 months pregnant and on bed rest?  Maybe I made that up too? I’m sure this is exactly what I wanted out of my life when she introduced us. All for attention. Yeh, I’m sure that’s what we all wanted in this world of our own making.

I could only wish that any of that and what is going on was imagined. I guess when you haven’t had to stand by watching your kid have a grand maul seizure and there being absolutely nothing you can do you couldn’t possibly comprehend it. It must be nice to take your children’s health for granted. That’s a luxury I would know NOTHING about.

Oh and is our “middle class” lifestyle supposed to secure us from all that? What the hell does that even mean? What was that about? Jealousy?  I mean how ridiculous can you get?

My husband and I aren’t middle class anyways. I am a stay-at-home Mom and my husband makes a mere $32k a year. That’s for 5 of us to live off of and pretty much just covers our monthly expenses. Anything else we want/need is paid for with side work. We have worked hard to climb out of our financial crap and buy a house and car and everything else we have. We’ve both worked hard, made sacrafices and nobody did us any favors. So don’t expect me to feel bad or apologize for it anytime soon.

But even so, what does that have to do with anything? Is she implying that just because someone has money that they are not entitled to their feelings????? If I’m a billionaire does it hurt any less when my child has epilepsy, or when I’m raped or my father dies?

Such intelligence.

And as far as trying to gain attention away from my children…..well Miss Matilda would be an expert on the subject. Nuff said.

God, there is soooooooooo much more I could write about her “character” or lack thereof. But I’ve just stuck to responding to the issue at hand. Matilda can’t really handle taking what she dishes out. I could return the insults but I really don’t want to give her any more attention or any more excuses, as I’m sure that’s what this is all about anyways.

However, I will say this…….

I think I’ve earned the right to be a little whiny or GOD FORBID shed a tear when I need to. It’s a more healthy way of dealing than grabbing a bottle if you ask me. I’m thinking maybe Matilda should “suck it up”, grow a heart, learn what being a friend means or just learn to be a little more consistent in not caring and minding her own damn business.

…….moving on…………..

11 thoughts on “Commentary

  1. Steph, I apologize again for the comment i made.. I was rude, and not really sure what compelled me to be so. But whatever the case, Thanks for the info, honestly though, I already knew this. Ive known Ruthie a long long time. I know how Ruthie is, I know what Ruthie is. I keep trying to believe what she says, or i chose not to believe things for my own self preservation.  But all things happen the way they were supposed to. All is good. Ruthie used to be so bright and full of life. She could find anything good in anyone, and bring that out in them. Now, all she focuses on is the negative, and uses that to bring people down and demean them. She asked me why she doesnt have any friends that hang around in both the good times and the bad… well duh. 

  2. i cannot believe someone could be that low! we all love you and you can feel free to “whine” all you want. b/c as your real friends we know that’s the way life is. and we are here to support you and love you even through the hard times.  you are entitled to feel how you do. in fact i’m surprised at how well you put up with everything. i’ve always said you are like superwoman to me. i know i’d be falling apart on many of the times that you hold it together. you are such a strong woman and didn’t deserve such a nasty comment. especially from someone who used to be a friend. if you ask me she doesn’t know what real friendship is even about and she’ll find herself very sad and alone in time b/c of it.
    (((hugs))) i love ya hon and just so you know i left a comment on her site. i meant every word of it and i hope you aren’t upset that i did that. but i just am so outraged that someone could be so ignorant.

  3. You go girl!  LOL  I despie people like her.  I can relate in the whole “friend” situation.  I cannot really say that i have had a true friend that cares as much about me as I do them besides my hubby.  I have had a couple that come close but not to the point that they would do anything for you and you them.  Dont let her get to you.  Obviously she needs some psychiatric evalutaion because she seems to be living in her own little world!  Hope you day is better!

  4. Well, you know what I am going to say.  Fuck Ruth!  The bitch will see some bad karma coming her way one day.  I don’t get people anymore.  I mean what kind of person makes a comment like that about a sick child???  You know, there is a special place in Hell waiting for this worthless piece of shit.

  5. Ruthie needs to understand that this is YOUR xanga and if she doesn’t like it, don’t read it….it’s so simple….
    Best of Luck
    Sharky ~~~~/~~~~

  6. hey you..i’ve just been running around and haven’t had any epiphanies 🙂 everything’s cool here though.
    i umm..saw what’s been going on. very sorry you have to deal with that given the situation at hand. your family is in my prayers.  

  7. (((HUGSSS)))), im sorry you have to deal with her BS, im sure no  mother in there right mind would EVER  make up stories about there kids for attention… keep your chin up! and karma will be biting her in the ass im sure of it

  8. =( I didnt know I hadnt been around here much lately..? Im sorry honey. And I thought that my reference to you in my blog let you know I hadnt forgotten about you at all.. I feel like a bad friend now. Anyway, how can I say this politely… WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its having experiences with Ruthies in my life why I dont have girlfriends.. I love this song. I saw them opening for Smashing Pumpkins years ago..
    Hang in there girl.. I love yah!

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