Now, I’m overwhelmed.

I decided sometime yesterday that I wanted to do a big cleaning overhaul throughout the house.

Now, there are piles everywhere. Piles of stuff that need to be put into their proper place, things I have no room for, big black garbage bags full of broken toys, etc, etc. Where does all this shit come from and how much money was wasted on it?

Is it rude to ask people to not buy toys for my kids anymore? Maybe drop a hint to invest the money, savings bond, college savings, our just cash that I can deposit into our family account at the YMCA so they can sign up for programs like swimming, dance or karate?


On the bright side, I found a copy of a book I bought last year and never read, only to come to the sudden realization that the title of the book is also the title of a just released movie I want to go see and that’s because the movie is based off the book. DUH! So, now I have a book to read. yay!

OK….Back to work.

8 thoughts on “Now, I’m overwhelmed.

  1. i know the feeling. just keep sifting through the stuff and in the end, the feeling of cleaning the house will be its own reward.
    hope you had a good weekend. how’s devon doing?

  2. I have kiddies that I buy stuff for, and I never, EVER buy toys.  Most parents are way more happy with clothes that the kids need, or books.  You should suggest when someone asks that they go the YMCA and pay for part of the lessons or something.  That way, they are sure that the kids are getting the service, and you don’t have millions of toys that you don’t need cluttering up your house.

  3. I don’t know what Danny has to be angry about either.  Hubby and I think it’s because he really hasn’t done anything worth wild since the Partridge Family.  Danny makes me really nervous.  I know he has to be screwing up the lives of his 2 kids.  You can’t watch someone doing these things to themselves and not be effected by it.  I can’t stop myself from watching the show though.  I am hooked.  His poor wife!  I’d have to leave just for the sake of my kids and my sanity.  Oh well, better him than me is all I can say.
    I don’t think it would be rude to ask people to give $$ in lue (sp?) of a gift.  It is something the kids need worse than toys and most people are understanding about things like that. 

  4. Hey,
    Sorry I didn’t return your call, I was busy all weekend.  Ummm. Meah doesn’t watch Boo Bah anymore, but I’m sure she would wear one, it’s up to you.  Love Ya!

  5. What is the name of the book..??
    and like Oprah says, if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it.. i just had a yard sale with stuff that was just taking up space and i make over $300.00 … i know how those piles are.. one room in my house is piles of stuff..! UGH!

  6. I do that every now and again with cleaning too.  I just cleaned out the boys’ room and got a bunch of CRAP.  Thats  all it was.  Its not rude to ask for that kind of stuff(savings bonds are a good investment and you dont have to throw them away when they get broke).  My mom is actually gonna start doin that.  Have fun!

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