Nana’s Here

My Nana made it in safe and sound yesterday. I gave her a round of applause when she pulled into the driveway with Mom & Dad. I really didn’t let myself get too excited about her coming until I saw her, cause I was afraid some circumstance would arise, as it usually does, keeping her at home. But she’s here. YAY!!!

We had family dinner at Mom’s. BarBQ’d chicken, Mac n cheese, green beans, corn, cake, pumpkin roll, coffee….and then I had to undo the pants. It was good to watch Nana sit and eat. Seems like whenever I see her at home she’s on her feet, always moving, always doing something. But she ate a full plate of food. She would go to get up and one of us would have her sit. Although, of course, she insisted on making her own coffee. Then we got her to sit again and she had a piece of cake and a piece of pumpkin roll. Maybe we can fatten her up a bit before we send her home. God knows she needs some meat on her bones, cause there’s hardly anything left to squeeze when you hug her.

Husband and I decided to have breakfast out this morning. Pickle seemed better this morning until we sat for breakfast. He kept having these blank stare seizures while we were out. At one point he was just sitting there staring and started to get heavy eyes and then they were closed. I reached over and touched his face with my hand, and said his name, which he barely opened his eyes for and then everything starts running again and ding! he’s up and back with it. It’s heart breaking to watch. Another doctor may be necessary. I trust his neurologist but, call it instinct, something just isn’t sitting right with me…I think there is something else.

Husband is off doing a side job for a couple hours today. Has two more tomorrow. His company switched to 4- 10hr day work week, so he scheduled a full day of side work on his day off, Friday. He’s trying to get extra spending cash in hand beofre we leave for our anniversary vacation.

I can’t believe it’s almost here. Whatever will we do by ourselves – ALONE for a WHOLE WEEK ? Well, of course, there’s that, a lot of that, but then what? Being without the kids will be strange and quiet. I know the fridge will be stocked with beer. Who knows we might do the old people thing and take some golf lessons. Cause we can drink beer and golf, right?  I also saw that they offer spa treatments so I’m thinking about secretly booking a couple’s spa package for the morning of our anniversary. It’s something I know he would balk about doing if he knows in advance and he wouldn’t go by himself, but I think it’d be good for him, especially with all the physical work he does and of course I’d enjoy it too.

I’m very excited, only 15 more days…….

3 thoughts on “Nana’s Here

  1. That’s sooooo good about Nana. I can’t believe she actually came! Dinner sounded fantastic! I soooooooo wish I could  come down there and see ya’ll while you’re in VA…I  think I may be coming to there soon…I’m working on it 😉

  2. 🙂 sounds wonderful!!
    RYC on my myspace: Check out my protected xanga, if you havent yet….that will tell the ENTIRE story…
    Theres two entries….the longest one is about last night.

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