I like to read.

I like to get lost in a good book. It helps take my mind off things, especially right before bed. It helps tire out my brain so it doesn’t run all night on auto-pilot, playing what-ifs and all that crap. But my problem is I am always going to the library and checking out books I don’t like. I read a chapter or two and get bored with it, end up forgetting about it, getting a reminder notice, paying a late charge.

About a month ago as I was thumbing through “O” magazine (Really good magazine in my opinion), I saw this ad for something called the “Next Novel Collection”. It’s a collection of books about “women looking for what’s next in life“. So I went to the website online and found out I could try two of the books COMPLETELY free and then if I liked them, they would send me 4 new books every month, sticking to the theme.

I got my two books last week, I’ve already read them both and now being really impatient about getting my “NEXT” shipment.

Anyways, If you’re interested….Check out the Next Novel Series. They’re easy reads. Nothing to deep.

That’s been helping keep my mind of the still all consuming pain in my side. It’s so freaking frustrating. Makes simple things a “pain”. Like yesterday we were running late for Pickle’s appointment with the neurologist and we needed to actually run, but the most I could muster up was a fast walk with a limp and “AR!’ from every step on my left side. If I had been wearing a patch over one eye and had a hook for a hand, I’d have made a great grumpy pirate.  “ARRRR, I say”  Maybe I have a Halloween idea there.

Pickle has been having seizures this week. Not the fall on the floor, uncontrolable shaking kind, but the blank stares and weird convo kind. So we took him yesterday. More meds.

Tom Cruise will be thrilled, I’m sure.

Met a little girl in the waiting room who had verbal dyspraxia, which means she thinks she’s saying one thing but it sounds like garbled nonsense to the rest of us. She took a liking to the husband, holding his hand, sitting on his lap, making him read her books. Her grandmother got the biggest kick out if it. She was the cutest little girl. She even hugged me bye. Never ceases to amaze how children are so resiliant.

My NANA arrives this afternoon!!!!! YAY! 

11 thoughts on “I like to read.

  1. This first thing I want to ask is, how are you feeling today?  Any better?  I hope so.  I was worried about you yesterday.  Second, is that you in the profile pic?  If so, you look like a little kid.  You are very young looking.
    On to your post.  I love to read, too.  I always read before I go to bed.  I usually have my nose stuck in a book most of the day.  I can’t wait to check out the site.  I am off to do that right now.  Thanks for the tip!!

  2. i’m sorry to hear about devon having some trouble. i can definitly see why that girls comment on my site hit you extra hard now. (((hugs)))
    i’m definitly interested in those books you are reading. i really enjoyed the one you recommended to me before (the 5 ppl you meet in heaven)

  3. i love reading,, i will read anything thats infront of me,when i was pregrant i think i read every book on the shelves in the library!! LOL
    have a great weekend !

  4. enjoy the time with your Nana.  I’m jealous.  My grandma could care a less about what’s going on in my life, seriously.  I don’t think she even knows my phone number, then she complains if I don’t call her once in awhile.  (I think, hey, lady, the phone works both ways, and I’m a night worker…)
    Gosh, Steph, you keep getting so much piled on top of you.  You’re in pain, now Devon is unstable again.  How do you cope?  How is it that you stay a fairly sane, well-rounded woman with all these things happening???  You’re amazing, let me tell you.

  5. i’m sorry to hear about devon. how’s he doing now?
    haven’t been able to read a good book lately – but yeah, I like getting lost in a good book. It gives me a sense of accomplishment whenever I finish one.

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