Normally the neighbor girl has her hair pulled back in a tight pony tail and is in a T-shirt and those flowing warm-up pants that have a set of white stripes running from hip to toe down the side. Last night, she wore a layered chiffon, jade colored dress that tied around her neck and layered at the bottom. Her hair was down. I watched as her date came to pick her up and nervously took her arm. I watched her smile for nearly 50 pictures. She was gorgeous.

It’s funny how you can completely forget all about certain memories until you see someone else making the same ones.

I remembered homecoming last night.

It was something I haven’t thought about in a long time. I remembered how much it meant to me back then. How much I would fantasize about how it would go down. And the funny part is that as much as I thought about what dress I would wear and how I would do my hair, I wasn’t doing it for me. I was doing it for him. I used to regard boys as mystical creatures who somehow could unlock my happiness and rescue me from all things sad and boring.  Maybe that’s something all teenage girls do, I’m not sure.

I recalled the picture I was searching for in my mind and was struck by how stunningly beautiful I was. I didn’t see it then. Even in that size 7 dress, I thought I was fat. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough, or cool enough, or whatever it is you were supposed to be. How young I was. How different life was then. How I thought I knew everything and could have never been more wrong. I smiled and let out a snort with the shake of my head.

It’s weird how time changes you. How you keep learning even when you think there is nothing left to learn. How you learn to appreciate the small things, like even being able to afford a new dress that you feel great in.

The neighbor girl must have forgot something cause her date pulled back into the drive-way and she pulled her dress up away from her shoes and scuffled into the house, running on her tip toes. It reminded me of Cinderella, but I know better now.

When she ran back out to the car, she noticed me and gave a big smile and a wave.

“What do you think?” she said, turning around in her dress.

“I think you look beautiful….more beautiful than you even realize right now.”

4 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. That was beautifully written Stephanie! i think it very well may be one of my favorite of your posts. Course, i AM a sucker for reflection as you have seen on my blog..:) I love it when you see something that reminds you of your own past. And especially when you have grown up and you realize how silly and young you once were. I dont think we have enough of those moments.
    As for the quiz, isnt that wierd how accurate it is? It hit me dead on.

  2. I told you the quiz was accurate! Awwww I know what you mean, I used to think I was a fat hog…and now, well ewwww about myself. Sigh, oh well.
    Anyway, yes Bryan has been holding and kissing Aidan all the time. I didn;t get to hold him b/c they were still getting him all ready in the nursery. Her mom looked at me and said ‘Jess’s dad get’t to hold him first’ (b/c everyone who was there alreayd held him). I’m like whatever….but mom was SO tired and she wasn’t leaving me alone w/ those ppl b/c of what I may say….so we left, and I haven’t had a chance to go back yet. Her parents spent all day yesterday telling Jess to give the baby her last name….she told them that until they stopped being so controlling….they could not come back to the hosptial. Go Jess! Her mom is out of control…I told Bryan he better stand up for himself…or I WILL! Anyway…I’ll be on aim later…oh yeah my dad went to the hosp too! (Sigh of relief)

  3. Reading your post for today made me think about my senior prom.  I went with my husband, boyfriend at the time.  I wore a pink dress that was a size 6 and fit wonderfully at the time. I thought I was fat then.  My how times do change.  3kids later i struggle with a size 16.  I guess thats life.  But I do love to reminice (sp) about the good ol times.  Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. how time changes when those were the time we all looked forward too,its seems like centuries ago.. im sure it brought back alot of good memories..
    now im off to take that quiz!!!

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