Husband has the day off today.

There has been a lot of drama going on at his work and it’s been taking it’s toll on dear husband. A little too much than I was willing to accept. I made note that in this past week he’s complained of heartburn on more than 3 occasions, he has had a hard time going to bed because he has pain shooting down his left arm, when he gets frustrated his face turns beet red, and he’s been complaining of headaches and nausea all week long. All signs of a heart attack on top of the fact that he already has been diagnosed with an irregular heart beat.

Not things that I could brush over.

So, I made him a doctor’s appt for this morning  yesterday and he promised he would go…and then he had another problem with his boss and he came home at lunch and told me to cancel the appointment.

Me being the nagging wife that I am….I called his boss. (I know, I know.) I explained the situation. He understood completely. Said he would make sure husband would be at his appt. He sat down with him yesterday afternoon and they hashed out some of the bad blood between them, he shook his hand and told him to turn his cell off over the weekend, that he’d hold down the fort, told him to take the day off today, go home have a few beers and go to his appointment cause he was no good to me or him, if he was ill or dead.

So, I’ll be spending time with Hubby today.

p.s. ~ Please go give congrats to pharmgirl02 who became a proud Aunt last night @ 8:47p.m., to her first nephew, Aidan Mitchell – 7lbs, 13oz.

7 thoughts on “Husband has the day off today.

  1. You really are a cool wife.  Most people would just give up when their husbands decided not to do something.  I think it’s great that you confronted the source.  He’s a lucky guy to have you.  Make sure you remind him of that, would ya?

  2. First off, congrats on the adoption of your son!  I agree, your hubby does need to keep that appt.  You can’t play around with things like that.  Stress makes things worse.  I’m sure after a weekend with no cell phone to deal with and a few beers, he will be back to his normal self again.  Enjoy your time w/ hubby today and have a great weekend!

  3. I’m an auntttttttttttttie. I am going to post pics no later than Sunday. He’s SO gosh darn cute. Bo came and that really meant a lot to us. I actually cried because she had all this family here and Bryan had me, my mom, James, and Bo. I dunnoooo…that was really sweet. I called Lisa to thank her and we both just cried together. I told her it meant so much to me that he came…and she was like well…he cares and that’s how he is. Awwww. Anyway, have a GREAT day with Chris 🙂 Love ya.

  4. Way to be tough and make him go.  My hubby would be the same way and I would be like, “I don’t think so, you are going to the doctor.”.  I hope you have a peaceful stressfree weekend and let us know what the Doc says.  Hopefully all he needs is a little rest. 

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