Growing Pains

When your child wakes up in the morning and is completely pale, complaining of how his “bones hurt everywhere” and is just laying on your lap with a blanket, shaking cause he’s so uncomfortable…’s unsettling to say the least.

We’re all dressed and ready to go to the doctor’s office, but we have to wait. I’m browsing blogs to stop the “what-if” game being played out in my head.

I’m not trying to be dramatic, it’s just that I feel helpless and I hate that. I hate waiting for the doctor’s office to open. I hate wondering and waiting……………….


Just got back from doctor’s office with Jedi and she said she didn’t find anything on exam, but she did think he was pale. She wanted me to take him to Children’s hospital for some bloodwork to be on the safe side, but I told her I was going to opt for taking him home and keeping a close eye on him and that if happened again, I’d hop right in the car and go down for the bloodwork.

We had a similar experience like this once before. A couple months ago, he was on a steroid for a really bad cough and he woke up from a nap screaming and holding his feet, sobbing, saying it hurt to bad to walk. I rushed him to ER cause it was obvious he was in pain. The doctor’s explanation was that it could be a side effect from the steroid, but he doubted it or it could be growing pains.

Now, I’m no doctor but I’ve never heard of a child having growing pains this bad. I asked my doctor about it this morning and she said it does happen. So, now you know.


I’m gonna go cuddle on the couch with my kiddo and watch a movie.

14 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. Which son is it? 
    Hopefully, he’s just got some kind of bug.  I realize that’s a horrible thing to say, but let’s just hope it’s nothing serious.

  2. The first thing that popped into my mind was growing pains.  I don’t know how old your son is though.  Please let all of us know what you find out.  I will say a little prayer for him this morning.  Hugs!  Everything will be okay.

  3. Greetings from a fellow Ohioan and old person. Good luck and hopefully everything is ok.  
     If you wanted to go see a psychic, if the psychic was for real, wouldn’t they come and see you first?

  4. How old is he?  My son gets bad growing pains in his calves and shins.  That is scary though that he was pale.  I wouldn’t think paleness would be associated with growing.  Keep an eye on him and good luck. 

  5. yeah, i know, this Rita thing after Katrina is really unsettling. I’m hearing that they have to relocate the Katrina refugees out now to possibly make room for the locals to shelter. crazy…

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