50 Random things about me:

  • My name means: Crowned One
  • I graduated high school in 1996
  • Someone tells me I’m weird or crazy at least once a day
  • I dream of rebuilding a 60’s Ford Mustang
  • I have a tattoo
  • I was born in Belgium.
  • I always wanted to have two boys and one girl, in that order..and I did
  • My parents are still together and have been married for over 30 years.
  • I watch The Weather Channel on a daily basis
  • I have coached a sport
  • I admit the best concert I’ve ever been to was Garth Brooks
  • I’ve had a date with someone I met online.
  • My mother believed for years that I would marry a boy named Michael who could play the piano, cause she had a dream about it. I think she watched Grease 2 the night she had the dream.
  • I have sang and danced on stage for an audience
  • I’ve had surgery 3x
  • I played softball for 10 seasons straight
  • I actually dance at clubs
  • I have participated in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”
  • I have totaled a car
  • I used to puke nearly every morning before going to school my sophmore year of high school
  • My mother, sister and I all have names that begin with S
  • I own a whip and handcuffs
  • I am an Ebay seller
  • I used to have a poster of Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid) on my wall in elementary school
  • I think pot should be legalized
  • I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket 
  • I have been watching General Hospital for 17 years
  • Last CD I listened to: Gwen Stefani; Love, Angel, Music, Baby
  • I think my OB/GYN is hot
  • Favorite Blizzard flavor: Oreo
  • I’ve been the Maid of Honor
  • I order my cheeseburgers plain
  • I was in labor for 19 and 1/2 hours with my son
  • I must have a brownie when I’m on my period
  • I bought my first new car this year
  • I once got so drunk at a concert that I forgot where I parked and couldn’t find my car for over an hour
  • I cannot sleep while facing another person
  • I eat at McDonald’s at least once a week
  • Even though I think it’s very erotic, I don’t think I could have a threesome
  • Shoe size: 8
  • Last DVD I watched: Love Actually
  • My middle name is Doris
  • I have been proposed to 6x
  • I have accepted an engagement ring 3x
  • I call it “pop”
  • I have a crush on the local Tv weather man
  • I bite my nails
  • I lost my virginity on Oct 5th
  • I can play the trumpet
  • I started this list @ 3:34am – Insomnia sucks.

18 thoughts on “50 Random things about me:

  1. Whips and handcuffs!  Wicked little woman aren’t ya?  lol.  That made me smile & blush.   I don’t like to see married couple split up either.  It makes me sad, too.  I am sure this one is just gossip.  I think they make a cute couple.

  2. Poor you!  Insomnia does suck.  But you do get a little “Steph time” without kids in the way…  (hey, there’s gotta be some kind of silver lining, right?)
    You’ve been proposed to 6 times?!?!  Good Lord!  I guess you’re very fall-in-loveable! 

  3. My dream car is a 1966 mustang.  Very interesting anwers.  Hmm.  1996?  Dang I was married for 6 years had a 4 year old and a dog.  Dang now I feel old.  I graduated in 1984.

  4. I also order my cheeseburgers plain (or sometimes with ketchup) – doesn’t it drive the workers BATTY when you do that?!  And I, too, can’t sleep while facing another person.  And October 5th is my birthday 🙂

  5. great post!! i might have to do that too!! i love the joss stone song you had playing on here,, i love her!!! i wish they were legalize mary jane too,, i love that stuff 🙂
    its pouring the rain now…:(

  6. Great list!!!  I feel I know you already!   LOL…RYC:  Yep, this homework thing is going to be the death of me.  Poor you too.  Nobody told me I’d have to go through school twice!

  7. What a great list! Thanks for commenting.. my kids are crazy when it’s time to leave too lol they’re getting better about it,  but my youngest boy who’s 5 used to be a maniac when it was time leave. We go early too, when they first open.. early lunch.. BEFORE the crazies come in

  8. hey, thanks for the support, I really appreciate it!  and FYI: I have been a general hospital fan for going on 10 years now, and when I can’t watch it on time, I tape it.. so if you ever miss an episode.. lol let me know!

  9. i loved this..how fun..i wanna do it…no focus…focus…sigh..i have to study for a test…gosh…crap..stupid test..okay..well i am gonna do a random list soon..you just wait and see..
    😉 Love,

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