What to Say

Do you ever wonder what things you should say and what things you shouldn’t?  I can’t seem to win in that arena.

I also can’t seem to figure out what makes you a friend.

Is it totally ignoring the fact that someone is screaming inside, sticking to the surface b.s. and laughing it off? Because it always seems that when I care and try to help – I’m a brutal bitch. BUT if I refuse to pull up a chair and watch some one I care about self-destruct and simply stick to putting in as much as I’ve ever gotten in the “friendship”…….well then I’ve got a stick up my ass.

What is the answer?

Why do people miss EXs whom THEY SAY treated them like crap, but could go on with life without a second thought about the friend who was there for them to wipe snot on through it all???

And why do people sit and listen for hours on end to some asshole who screwed them over go on forever about their feelings  and some big epiphany but me – oh!!! I’m just freakin’ looney tunes if I don’t instantaneously forget the fact that I had my feelings hurt and disregarded?


I guess you can’t make people care about themselves and if they don’t. Probably should just keep your yap shut cause anything you say will just rub them all the wrong way and all you’ll be left with is heap full of blameful bullshit.

What can you do?


GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?

My Nana is coming to visit Sept 30th – Oct 10th!!! So excited. Love my Nana. 

Quite honestly I’m just really happy that she will be able to get away for 10 days and sleep in and have no worries….just chillin in her jammies, watching movies and stuff. This is a much needed break for her.  Yay!

5 thoughts on “What to Say

  1. It is tough stuff to deal with a friend that has a loser bf.  They will always bitch about him to you, then when you say something about him, they get all pissy about it.  I quit trying to tell my friends things like that a long time ago.  The way I see it now, they can learn from their mistakes just like I had to do.  Some women just like men who treat them like shit.  It blows my mind.  Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Girl, if I had the answers to those questions I would be less confused about the whole friends issue.  I just don’t get it either.  All of your points are very valid and exist in my daily life.  I sit and listen listen listen and bam they do the opposite.  I have finally gotten to the point of Whatever.  You don’t want my advice don’t ask and I am learning(slowly) to keep my pie hole SHUT.  Have a good one.  yeah for you and nana

  3. yeah, i know what you mean. i remembered  your post a few days ago about selfishness and being unrealistic. I tend to keep my mouth shut now too. I mean, unless its a really close friend – I won’t even bother to volunteer any advice or consolation for the matter.
    enjoy your weekend 🙂

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