Recommendation Letter

When the court lady came for our home assessment today, we had to provide her with a bunch of paperwork, one of those things being reference letters from people who know me and our family and what they think of me becoming Pickle’s adoptive mother. My brother-in-law wrote one, Pickle’s doctor wrote a very flattering one and even one of my Jason’s parents wrote me one that was completely astounding.

Anyways….she told me that there was one reference letter that had been written on my behalf and sent to her office that she made a copy of for me because she thought I should read it. It was from Pickle’s first therapist, Nancy.

I have soooo much respect for this woman, not just professionally but personally as well.

I cannot tell you how much her words meant to me.


June 21, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I had the opportunity to meet and work with the M* family in December 2000. My role with the family was to assist Mr. & Mrs.M* in parenting a very angry and confused little boy as he had revealed to Mrs. M* concerns with sexual abuse and abandonment. I continued to work with the family until my change in employment in the November 2003.
Mrs. M*, Stephanie, always considered him as her son; even with the birth of her own children, he was the big brother. I am convinced that Stephanie believes that with her heart. Stephanie was also a wonderful advocate for him and her family. She encouraged Mr. M* to pursue counseling, counseling for the family, and to intervened with biological mom selflessly when he was reporting frustration
with his mother or his half brother.
Stephanie does an excellent job of being *’s mom and I would be honored to recommend that she be given the legal right to be known as his mother.

Nancy H******

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