The home assessment

Everything seemed to go well. After she asked me 100+ questions about myself, and I gave her all the required paperwork, she explained to us the rest of the adoption process and how it would proceed and be granted, which only leads me to believe – she sees no issues and we’re almost finalized. We’ll have a court date next month and meet with the judge mostly to testify about the last contact  with his “egg donor”. Since we can’t find her….we have to actually enter testimony under oath stating she hasn’t had contact or provided support for over a year. (It’s actually been closer to 3.

Last night after the court assessor lady left, Pickle came up and hugged me and said

“You’ll always be my Mommy, no matter what. Nobody can split us up- ever, cause you’re in my heart.”

That was about the sweetest thing I could have even scripted for him to say to me.

I can’t explain it, but everything just seems so, dare I say, perfect right now. Everything is falling into place, everything is as it should be. Right now things are fantastic, never better, great talks, great sex, The relationship A’s are in place (i.e…..affection, appreciation, adoration). the kids are great, my relationship with them is great…..

I’m just really content right now, comfortable and settled.

It’s a good place, no place else I’d rather be.

6 thoughts on “The home assessment

  1. oh what a sweetheart! hearing what he said gave me that teary feeling! wow.. that had to feel so awesome. i’m glad the home visit thing went well… i knew it would!
    btw.. i love this song. i related this song to rudy and my relationship in the beginning when he moved out here to be with me. very, very cool. i’m not hitting “submit” on this comment til the song is over i’m glad you are in a happy place right now honey. ((((((hugs))))))

  2. I am glad things went well with the assessment and that your life is great.  That is so awesome to hear.  You should have all the A’s in place and be content.  There is nothing wrong with that at all.  Somedays I wish I was more content than others.  Have a good one.

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