Still sick

There is simply no way in hell I could make it through Step Aerobics class this morning, so I bailed. I am coughing my head off. It’s really unattractive and annoying. UGH! I suppose it’s just a cold running it’s course, but if it could find a short-cut I’d be most impressed and grateful.

This is the part when I refocus on something more cheerful.

I’m extrememly grateful for good neighbors.  

We are fortunate enough to have the cutest little elderly couple living across the street from us. John and Jo but we affectionately call them “Grandma & Grandpa”. Anytime my kids see them out in the yard, they want to run across the street and panhandle cookies, and Grandma & Grandpa are just tickled pink to meet their needs. A couple days ago, Jedi told Grandma that I was sick and so last night she brought me over some homemade chicken noodle soup & a whole bag of fresh picked corn on the cob from her brother’s farm. Needless to say, it was much appreciated.

Grandma gives the best hugs too…..they’re the good ol fashioned kind….where you actually embrace somebody, not the wrap, avoid real contact and pat thing people do nowadays.

Which makes me think of Jeff.

He rented the house next to ours not so long ago. He was the same age as Hubby, had two little girls who played with the boys, very laid back and liked to play cards with us when he didn’t have one of his many “friends” over. He would always come over during the day and take a smoke on my front porch, telling me about the latest bitch tactic his ex had unveiled, or concot a new liquor mix at midnight and bring over generous samples. I miss his interest in my life and his bear hugs. 

I miss Neighbor Jeff.

Home assessment today, karate class tonight, school picture day tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Still sick

  1. I love hugs like that.  Now adays I get the half arm kinda one boob to one boob sorta hugs from people.  Maybe it is just me.  Who knows.  Yeah for Grandma bringing you some food.  Yipppeee. 
    RYC:  If you ever go to Las Vegas you have to see We Will Rock You.  Awesome show that is a tribute to Queen.  Great show.
    Feel better.

  2. It really is the best having neighbors like that.  I love it.  This older couple that lives down below us reminded me of your neighbors.  We visit them (they don’t get out too much) and she will call and say….Hun-ee, I jest baked me a fresh  apple cake, whyunt y’all come git you some.  She is the cutest little old thang.  She is always full of stories to tell and I just love to listen to her. I hope you get well soon.  Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of liquids, and try to eat saltine crackers and Ginger Ale if you can.  That makes me feel better when I am all stuffed up and feeling lousy.

  3. Honey and lemon with a lil bit of whiskey….that’ll cure ya!
    Thanks for the comment and props
    Keep smiling
    English Prince in Shining Armour
    cxxx:|::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: >

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