Please take the time to sign this petition for new Breast Cancer legislation.

While both medical and nursing associations believe that most patients require a longer hospital stay, “drive-through” mastectomies have become an unwelcome reality for women who are battling breast cancer. Against the advice of their doctors, women must leave the hospital while still in pain, groggy with anesthesia and with drainage tubes still in place.


 The bill’s protections for those facing breast cancer will also include:

A second opinion. This bill assures a patient of a second opinion for any cancer diagnosis. A cancer diagnosis must be reliable.

Inpatient coverage. The bill ensures that a health care provider cannot limit hospital stays for a mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery to less than 48 hours, and also assures a 24-hour stay for lymph node dissection. Support for lumpectomy treatment. This bill requires coverage for radiation therapy for patients undergoing lumpectomy. Together with the assurance of inpatient care, this act removes the economic incentive for a woman to select mastectomy simply to reduce the immediate cost of treatment.

By adding your name to this petition… you’ll ensure that women who are diagnosed with breast cancer won’t have to worry about being forced out of the hospital after undergoing a mastectomy! The Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act of 2005 will guarantee that women and their physicians, not insurance companies, will decide when they are ready to go home. So voice your support now — with your signature.

Please take the time to sign this petition for new Breast Cancer legislation.



Having had a breat reduction and been sent home hours later, I can tell you that it’s very uncomfrotable and scary. In my own experience, I developed a blood clot inside my breast and had to go back to my surgeon’s office the next day and it was such a bad situation that they had to open me up there, without putting me under, with the sedation barely taking affect….I felt and saw almost everything and it was horribly painful. Women who have a masectomy, have even more chance of complication and emotional distress.

7 thoughts on “Please take the time to sign this petition for new Breast Cancer legislation.

  1. I can’t believe you had to go through that experience.  Nor can I believe they sent you home the very same day.  I know that had to be painful and scary.  I have to hold myself accountable with my food intake because I don’t have a diet buddy.  Good luck with the weight loss. 

  2. Thanks for your comments.  My son really enjoys playing the trumpet and hopes to play in High School and college. 
    Have signed the petition.  Smiles

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